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Added: Jun 22, 2002
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"He held out the sword which Thorin had worn. The Great
Goblin gave a truly awful howl of rage. They had called it
Orcrist, Goblin-Cleaver, but the goblins called it simply Biter.
They hated it and worse, anyone that carried it ...murderers,

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frodo's picture

I started like most here at an early age, and later went on to art collage. I did a little bit of illustration after I left Art collage, but was talk into getting a proper job when my first child was on the way, and since I had already done an apprenticeship as a electrician, that was the easier path to take.
I`ve always kept my hand in doing various art over the years, and now my youngest is 21, I`m free again to concentrate on my ambitions...thanks for dropping in Jocelyn!

Guest's picture

Your a great long have you been drawing?

frodo's picture

I glad you enjoy it...I`ve succeeded then...

j-art's picture

one awe inspiring pic - thanks for posting

frodo's picture

well when my site is up and running I`ll put some details as to all my shorts cuts, that really arn`t all that short really, I just can`t seem to stop experimenting...ha!

allenp's picture

You know....I am temted to ask you how you do it....but I already know the I will keep working on it. This picture is amazing....your use of colors is sutnning...some artist are stuck on only a few colors ( for instance) but you use a generous amount and really bring the painting to life.

frodo's picture

Thanks Anthony mate...inquistion size is approx 13"x19" some of it was painted in watercolours and other part mainly the figures is a photo of plastersine sculptures I made and just dropped them into photoshop as photos...I even used a photo of my 21 year old son in it..can you spot it. The figures in the far background are drawn digitally in photoshop. oh and the sword I modelled in lightwave...and rendered it...

bliz's picture

Beautiful Image Terry. What medium is this done in and at what size?

frodo's picture

I use the same skull for both, just manipulated it in photoshop...thanks for dropping in Marley...

thrax-1's picture

aint nothin but pure fantasy here terry.
but i am assuming you already new that Laughing out loud.haha ithe last time i visited your gallery i missed these images.i am stunned.i particularly like your skull with a skull in its mouth x/.hehe amazing terry

frodo's picture

Thanks JP...yes I think it works in general, but I can now see see little glaring details that slipped by me initially that needs sorting out...thanks for visiting

vengince's picture

Cool image Terry so much going on but you've kept the focus on the dramatics of the scene. I like your take of the scenes.

frodo's picture

Thanks for visiting Patrick...Yes I`m always surprised at how many picture I`ve missed on Epilogue...yet I usually visit almost every day...This one looks a lot better printed as 19"X13" this size the viewer tends to lose the texture, but at least you can get an overall impression...

megaflow's picture

I'm not sure if I every saw this one when it was first approved... Now that I have, I have to say it's pretty cool! I love the lighting, of course, and how each character is doing something different - different expressions, body language, angle, etc... Very effective.

frodo's picture

Yes I was hoping to touch up it up here and there in the future...I wasn`t aware of James Christensen, so I looked him up on the net, and I see what you mean. It`s nice to be compared to such an artist...thanks for visiting!

frodo's picture

Thanks mate! have a pretty unique style yourself John...!!

Guest's picture

The dwarves remind me of James Christensen. Very nice! This is a concept in progress isn't it? I don't know that the sketchiness at the corners with so much beautiful detail in the middle really works. I hope you do finish it more...

jeshannon's picture

Fantastic Terry !!! I love all your work and the unique style you have !!

frodo's picture

Cheers Tiina ...ha! yes there meant to be think what have we got are self into here...

Guest's picture

Terry wow this is perfect Laughing out loud I love those two guys on left down corner looking at each other lol!

Art at its best.