Eowyn (detail) by frodo

Eowyn (detail)

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Added: Dec 22, 2003
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Eowyn had lost Aragorn to the paths of the dead, now her uncle whom she loved as a father, was under threat of being devoured by the hideous foul Dwimmerlaik, lord of carrion! ...she felt No Fear, but as any women would defend her young or kin to the last..struck a skilled and true blow to the beast neck, and it`s head fell like a stone...

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jungymeister's picture

did u play dragon age inquistion yet??

frodo's picture

Yes your right, and I plead gilty on all accounts...ha I`ll do better on the next one, I hope... thanks for the crit!

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The more I stare at this, the cooler it gets. The first thing that caught my attention was the contrast, I ADORE the contrast and the composition. The stylization of the grass and the blood is awesome too, and I love all the different textures. The shadows are amazing too.. you really are very skilled.

I do have some crit though. The anatomy on the arm and the hand are a little unrefined, and don't seem to match the level of detail and definition on the legs. The same goes for my first impression of the face. When I look at it now, I can see that it's well done, but I think it's... I don't know, maybe it's too typical, straight-foreward fantasy fanart style. The eyes are too well-defined.. from the rest of your style, I guess I expect them to be more impressionistic; conveying the emotion rather than the anatomy. It threw me off.

frodo's picture

Cheers Jeff! but I don`t think you need any instruction...

thejeff's picture

thanks for providing details like this terry. very instructive. nice painting indeed.

frodo's picture

cheers jessica...I usually work big enough to print as a poster...

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Ok, this image is the proof that thumbnails don't do ANY justice to the actual work - I was floored by the detail that suddenly appeared! Her face is amazing.

frodo's picture

How many times do I have to tell you Chris! stop useing that invisible ink ..hahaa!

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Thanks Wenche!...

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Wonderful as always

Art at its best.