Yavanna`s Garden by frodo

Yavanna`s Garden

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 23, 2005
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Yavanna steps silently across the Shire, Over brook and stream, field and hedge, woods and copse. Trailing her green mantle, awakening all that sleeps through Melkors wintery mists…
I`ve started re-reading The Silmarillion in the hope of new inspiration…

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frodo's picture

it`s real, but take look at your wonderful gallery, its super-real ha!. thanks James for time and effort taken to comment...Smile

somerset's picture

Outstanding work my man, better than real! your details leave me speachless!....way to go Terry!

frodo's picture

thank you! your words are very much appreciated...

frodo's picture

Cheers Forest, so can you spot the hidden face...ha!

frodo's picture

Thank you Saille I did use Photo ref. as well as sketches , but it did take an eternity to finish though...

forestrogers's picture

So beatifully done!!

Guest's picture

Good lord!this picture is amazing!I thought that it is photo^^ details are fantastic...I can't find words to say how I love your "Yavanna's garden"...It's beautiful...

frodo's picture

Thanks Lipták...your far too kind..This will do as a start but I`m still seaching for a style to express myself...

mermalior's picture

Terry... I can't believe it... It's totally awesome. Incredible details, perfect technique. You are a genius!

frodo's picture

Hiya John ...my little effort to get into the local art seen around the southwest, although even when I paint straight, there seems to be a fantasy element in it...thanks for dropping in mate...

jeshannon's picture

Wow Terry absolutely fantastic work, i just cant get over the details !!

frodo's picture

Cheer`s Simon... your gallery is pretty astonishing too... and I`m well impressed with your website, if you don`t mind I`d like to take you up on your offer, since my site is a bit of a mess...thanks for dropping in...

frodo's picture

I almost gave up a few times while drawning it out Meredith, but once I started painting I knew I would finish it..in short eternity and a day...

frodo's picture

The secret Joanna ...is good
reference whether drawn or photographed,thanks for visting my gallery...

frodo's picture

Hi Wenche.. you know your little fey folk are always welcome in my gallery...

frodo's picture

Thanks for dropping in jeff!...

frodo's picture

Your right Tom..the little wee people, scampering here there and every where trouble is there all attired in green..ha!

frodo's picture

Thank you kindly Rita...ah thats because it`s hidden tehee!...

frodo's picture

I`m glad you like the hidden face Marley, as it`s truly well concealed among the foliage and the minds of the veiwers, thats where the real fae resides...haha...

frodo's picture

Thanks Scott...the level detail is pretty condensed as the original is 24"x20" on canvas...

kyrn's picture

WOW. How long did that take? You must be patient!

joanna79's picture

The details...and colours, the density and how you paid attention to the way light falls onto the leaves and grass stems...wow! Smile I am full of admiration!

Guest's picture

great work

thejeff's picture

terry! damn!

portalrun's picture

Great job Terry!! I find myself looking (or think I see) for things moving under the greenery..Im convinced there is something under there...

Guest's picture

Astonishing. Damn.

rita's picture

Terry, this is OUTSTANDING! Love it. But I cant find the hidden face Sad

thrax-1's picture

that must have taken an age terry. scrumptuos details and fine control over the lighting. I like that hidden face, it's very well disguised..if of course it is a hidden face that is Tongue and not a bunch of well placed leaves, HAH it's fantastic.

sdavis123061's picture

Amazing level of detail. Makes me feel as if I can reach out and touch them. Fantastic work Terry.

Art at its best.