girl of industry by hexthree

girl of industry

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Added: Oct 08, 2001
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...alright, I'll just say what I'm thinking: He puts Mike Mignola to shame.


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Thank your for your wonderful compliment. However I can't take credit for coming up with the idea. It was actually a client of mine that requested I only use two colors on this poster illustration due to limited funds for printing. This was my first piece done with a limited color pallette. Originally I was horrified of only being able to use two colors and thought the finished work would look unfinished and drab.I was surprised it came out so well when I was done. Since then I tend to favor limited color schemes with my work. As Bob Ross would sayit was a "happy accident".

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It's great. End of story. The details are nothing short of amazing and the whole thing sort of puts across that kind of er, cyberpunk feel (forgive my lack of knowledge). Geez, how do you manage to work so well with limited colours? I mean, I know it goes with your style and all, but how do you even come up with something like that?
- KnightGainax

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hey wow, its tank girl. er... at least it looks like her. very cool work.

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wow. i really like the way you use colors. this is hard shading the way it was meant to be done. i'm almost reminded of tank girl in a way.

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Great!! So clean

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Great color pallete, great drawing skills, great pic!

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thank you igino. Being such a big fan of Mignola's, that is a great compliment.

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I'm a big goggle freak and they are fun to draw!

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i'm in love with the goggles

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Neat work! Lovely details Smile. I like a lot Laughing out loud.

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Your shading skills are comparable with Mike Mignola! Another great piece!

Art at its best.