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Added: Apr 14, 2003
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Calm and satisfied, for once...

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I'm very impressed by all your artwork, it's enchanting! are you going to portrait more characters from WoT? Would be nice anyway if you did. Keep up your wonderful work!


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i have read these books since 92 and have my own thoughts of how rj pictured them. this vision of nynaeve is exactly what i picture of her after she and lan are married. she has lost a lot of the hard edge and is placid. we read in the books that she is beautiful; moreso than egwene and probably on the same level as elayne.
i pictured egwene as a little less plain. why? i dunno. she was r

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Light! this is exactly how i figured nynaeve would look!! awesome work! keep it up!

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This may be the best WOT art work I have seen. I've looked at a lot. any more would be great

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This stuff is fantastic! I bet you anything that you could get paid for your work somehow. Nynaeve is perfect and I think that you could do all of the characters perfectly.

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I think your image info comment says it - "Calm and satisfied, for once..." This is not the Nynaeve I know, mostly because she's not yanking her braid and she doesn't have a look on her face like someone stuck a grolm in her granola. I'm impressed! Please continue to work on the WoT characters - I have yet to see a convincing Moiraine.

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Beautiful work!

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perfect. exactly how i imagined nynaeve.

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Wow this is SO good! just like i pictured Nynaeve! i LOVE the hair and the coat... and everything really!! ~Maddy

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That's Nynaeve to a T, I can't stop staring at her. It's just beautiful! Well done!

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This is a truly beautiful portrait. I love the way you worked the highlights into her hair. Absolutely the best picture interpretation of Nynaeve I have seen. Just the way I pictured her. Would love to see how you interpret Lan.


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I love how you've made the forest and snow. She's looking like she is actually a hard woman, but has taken a breather from that job... Have I read it right? Smile //Eria Heidi

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I'm an addict Jordan fan:), and this Nynaeve adaptation warmed my heart! This portrait so strong and so brilliant! I think it is the most original and authentical version of Nynaeve what I've ever seen! When I read the Jordan books, this pic is in my mind. Grats!

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Very soothing, nice work.

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Marvelous Nynaeve portrait.Just as I imagined her while I was reading the books.WOOW!!!

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Gah(!) Yes, I know, Lan should be in there.... I had so much trouble with that forest, though, so I don't want this image to get bigger o_O ^_^.

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You captured Nynaeve perfectly. All you need to do is add Lan next. I love The Wheel of Time series. Great job!

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Thank you!

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This a Robert Jordan Illustration? Cool. I have been wanting to illustrate his books. I just read the first one a while back, and hope to read the rest after I finish classes in a day or two. Nice work. I like the way you included the braided hair.

Art at its best.