Another Stab at Realism by neondragon

Another Stab at Realism

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 11, 2002
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I was admiring some of the great airbrush artists on and was inspired to try another stab at realism. I still ended up with oddly colored overly-wavy anime hair.

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She is beautiful.

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Hey wow really prettyful
Keep drawing. But I think you should go PRO! make movies hehe ya know what Im sayin?

Laughing out loud

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I just wanted to say that I much, much, much prefer this "stab" at reality than all of your cartoonistic images put together! All of your other pictures that included humans (and even unicorns or dragons) appeared to be lacking some bit of detail that would have brought them "to life", so to speak - most likely some extra feel for eyes and depth... This illustration, however, has a really lovely feel for it and shows much potential. Please, you could do so much more if you stopped doing such simplistic facial structures and eyes. All your images had a brilliant feel for shape and colour to them, but in this one I really see the form and emotion of the character. There's so much more here!!!

Sorry if I sound like some sort of crazed lunatic, but you must understand that it was exceedingly frustrating to be looking at all of your artworks and seeing that each was missing those finishing touches that would really have raised them up into something stunning... You may notice that this is the only art I've commented on - that is because I felt I would simply complain about the artwork's lack, rather than its worth. Where they lack, this one shines! Please, foster your talent for this fantasy/realism, for combined with your incredible colour sense and feel for flow within an image, you will certainly go far...

Keep it up, please, and know that this picture is by far the best of yours that I have seen. Check out LInda Bergvist's gallery and you'll see what I mean by fantasy/realism..

.. Pauline Hill ..

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like her! like the colors! like her wings, her ears, her hair! just loooooooovely! Wink

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This is beautiful! Perhaps it's your style to do the hair that way just now. It's wonderful. LOVE those wings!

Art at its best.