Questioning the Elder Dragon by neondragon

Questioning the Elder Dragon

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Added: Dec 28, 2003
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A scene from TS. The elder dragon had blocked the Edan Passage for as long as the short-lived humans could remember. Because of the dragon's presence, the people of Greenplains and lost all ties with the old kingdom. All attempts at using the pass or slaying the powerful dragon had failed. The humans decided to try a new plan and caught an easier prey, the Eques (blue dragon). They held the young dragon as hostage and still the Elder Dragon refused to move. The humans then began the sending of body parts - hey, it's a standard badguy thing - and Eques lost both of his wings.

A young Avalon happened by the scene in the passpromptly freed Eques from the human's custody, taking him to the elder dragon to recieve help. Dragons are solitary creatures by nature and the elder took no responsibility for what had happened. He told the young ancient (wow that's contradictive!) that all creatures had a purpose. The dragon's was to guard the pass. If Avalon wanted to help the saphire dragon then he would have to finish what he started by himself. Avalon took Eques back to his time with him and the two have stayed together since. Eques isn't nearly as cynical as Dolosus and he's just as loyal to his two legged friend. I honestly don't know how long it will be and IF I can work the Avalon/Eques story into the actual Timescapes comic, so here it is for those who bother to read image comments!

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Your story needs to include at least one dragon orgy. There's not enough of those in literature.

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Great work, Jessica. I love the way you draw all the blood next to Eques to show that he's injured and bleeding. Anyways, great sory.

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Wow... thats a mouthful.

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It sounds like a great story and I hope you get to work on it more I absolutely love this picture it's so beautiful.....I love dragons ^_^

Art at its best.