The Charge by neondragon

The Charge

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 11, 2004
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Can't sleep... the unicorns will get me...

Everyone hates it when I start messing with unicorns and making them unhorse/deerlike. I'm sorry, I just enjoy drawing things slightly out of context; that's what fantasy is for after all! Behold, my violent, rampaging, rhinocorns!

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that pictar rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh nos! there gonna stomp on the flower lillies T.T, oh well! Awesome picture by the way!

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I don't think it's bad to mess about woth things. I really like this picture, I think it's fantastic!

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They're not exactly the sort one would attempt to cuddle with, but they still look terrific!

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i think these are great! you can quite plainly tell they are unicorns but they are something different. Heh, i get grumbled at for drawing violent unicorns, but hey...if you had a sharpened skewer on your head and a bad temper wouldnt you use it as a weapon? i like this pic, i really like the pose of the nearest one too.

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It's funny how people try to force subjects to fit certain preconceived ideas, and they forget that fantasy is driven by the imagination. If we all draw or paint everything the same the art would get pretty boring. I like your Unicorns, and I commend you for thinking "outside the box". Nice work Jessica.

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I don't care. I think your work is awesome! Escpecially when you mess with Unicorns and Dragons. ^_^

Art at its best.