The "Fruit" by jhoneil

The "Fruit"
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Added: Nov 27, 2001
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the artist is offended. The obviously different twist on the story of Adam and Eve was done in direct tribute to the darker, less innocent scene depicted in your piece. That said, I am once more forced to gasp at the visually stunning work you do, as well as the indepth, though subtle storylines each work posesses. Keep it up and be floored by apreciation. ]

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(Spur of the moment poem inspired on-site. Title: "Innocence Ended".)
Naughty girl/ Naughty snake/ Couldn't Adam catch a break?/ He gave a rib/ To have a queen/ But now she had to rock the scene./ With curious lips/ She drew it in/ And took a bite/ Of Cardinal Sin. / Eve took a look/ With mind eschew/ Thought on things/ She never knew./ For Adam had/ In infinite grace/ Stepped up within/ Her personal space./ Tanned bodies nude/ As had always been/ But desire now dripped/ And she sucked him on in./ With God bearing witness/ The leaves flung free/ And unlike prior love made/ Bodies took delight in debauchery./ While the Garden wilted further/ With each rut on the branch/ To save his creations/ God took not a chance./ So descending in a tantrum/ S\He bat the two 'cross the wall/ A & E were despondent/ Lamenting their fall./ As the two lay there huddled/ Bodies mired over in muck/ Eve was first to break silence/ And stood shouting "F**K!"/ "All this over one stupid apple."

[Great picture. Obviously inspiring.-chuckles- Hope you don't mind it, and of course I'll apologize for posting it if

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The Adam & Eve of Sci-Fi. Though classic as well, the update suits. Wonderful art!!

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Your gallery is pure eye candy. I especially like this one, it can symbolize a lot of neat concepts. Just awesome work. I found it from the "picture-of-the-day" thing, it's usefull for kool random stuff I might not have seen yet.

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i like the bird Smile

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aw, man Cool this is so great! Eve is so beautiful, and adam looks like david hasselhof Cool Mechanical fruit huh?...

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thanks.. I feel all fuzzy now:)

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As an artist I feel very humble in a gallery such as yours. You have awe inspiring work, but this one is my favourite.

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this is totally wonderful. i love all your stuff, but this is my favourite:)

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wow, i absolutely luv this one of urs! I can't say it enough Laughing out loud the mountians/rocks, waterfall, plants, flowers, simple things u added that so added to it like the parrot and the butterfly. The lighting effects just has me in aw and not to mention ur always ever so impressive body work, i just luv the whole concept of this adam&eve and how u have the fruit and the snake wrapping around her arm, encouraging her to reach out... Laughing out loud so wonderful. how long does it take u to do something like this???

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Wonderful work!

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Killer work.
This is not only a masterfully rendered image, but it has an awesome symbolic mystery to it as well.
Indeed, what if the fruit was an alien construct of some sort, filled with ancient and powerful knowledge.
very avant garde, stylish, and visually intoxicating.

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I came up with the idea when I was still in art school. Back then, I made Eve more semian looking and Adam was nowhere to be found. I just thought I should update it.Smile Thank for the nice comments.

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Wow....what a unique Adam and Eve with a sci-fi twist. The "Eve" figure is especially impressive! I love the exquisite detail and lighting that goes into all of your work.

Art at its best.