The Warmongering Mime by jhoneil

The Warmongering Mime

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Added: Jun 09, 2002
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this rocks , its the best thing ive seen in my life , well done nd keep working becoz its ppl like u tht inspire ppl like me

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I like your picture but her face remind me of movie called horror rock.very nice

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thats cool
i like fantasy,+ that has given me ideas...cum 2 think of it i like valentino too....

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you are an amzing artist...i got chills all over...JVB Otto's Daughter

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hey man,this is an excellent piece,gonna adore your digital skillz...Smile

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My first thought was "Edward Scissorhands"!...What a great character design! It's part jester, part cyborg warrior (love the claw)...and also very delicate!
I also love the softness in the background. (Bookmarks)

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wow jus wow this is soooo crraaazzyyy!!! fantastic work!!! your talent blows me away!!!

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You`re working pace is scaring Jhoneil! The best one in your recent uploading frenzy I`d say! Once again a truly amazing character and outfit design, espcecially her haircut is price-worthy. Her face has this classical I`m gonna-kill-ye-all expression as in The Crow. And I`m surprised how well the rather extreme sketchiness of the background plays with the figure in the front, the distance effect is awesome. Love that guy falling down over there, and the amount of debris creates a lot of dynamic energy. How did you make the tubes? Are those linear gradients?

jhoneil's picture

yeah she is very interesting - I just hoped she did not look too much like Nina Darkness by Nirasawa

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hey Aiko Thanks!!I looked at your site and you have great art too! Smile

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hehehe yeah mimes and the general circus crowd are weird but they are interesting subjects.Smile

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actually, I am thinking of coloring it but I am so busy I will probably not Laughing out loud and just move on to the next new thing:)

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Well, you finished her! She really turned out just smashing darling! Wonderful work as always! Can't wait to see the next new thing!

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I KNEW you could never trust a mime! Love the face and 'do...she practically glows against the background.

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Looks great Jho! I really like the sketchy feel to this one...I also like the change you've made to the hair....

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Woah! I can't wait to see the movie! This piece just about explodes, and I LOVE the character.

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Dude, you rock. "Speak softly, and carry a....a....big claw-thingy on the end of your arm." Uh-huh-huh.

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Love the hair!! design on the armour is good and the depth of the background.

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Art at its best.