Janna by anatoliy


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Added: Mar 06, 2002
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Made in 3DS Max4, textured in DeepPaint3D

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Heh heh, was your model Mila Jovovich by chance?? Perhaps from a LOREAL add??? Very beautiful picture!

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lovely work. it could have almost been a photo. very realistic i adore the way the hands came out. great.

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Wow, that is great!
3D-wise only the eyes and the reflection on her shoulder pad worries me. The eyes don't have the feel of depths(look a bit painted) and the reflections are a bit overdone.

Otherwise, the textures on hands and face are just breathtaking!

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thank you very much for your picture. it's exactly the way i imagined Jeanne d'Arc; i don't know how, but you've expressed everything i felt about it.
Thanks again,

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This is really nice. I like her hands and her eyes! I've been looking through your gallery and there's been a few comments that's I guess suppose to be constructive critism. I has made me a little ticked off because what gives him the right to say the negative things that supposedly needs work on? He doesn't even have his/her own gallery and I feel that bob bob is acting like someone he/she is not. There is a hint of fire on her and I don't believe that the artist of this picture intended to make a feeling of fire wrapped around her. I think that the background is how it was meant to be and that its the effect the artist wanted. I think it is an effect that is suppose to symbolize what is going to be and I really like it. Very expressive!

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Thanks, Daniel

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her face is just amazing! the eyes, thier expression, this picture is living and acting, it tells a story...
Really well done, grats!!!!!

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Great eyes, actually, everything is quite good except her hair bothers me. It looks like fur, maybe you meant to do that though. Great job overall.

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Is really good!! I hate you!!

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now this is nice. Attention well taken to detail of course brillantly done! however. i seems as though the background is ..well simply a wallpaper or photo. The reason it seems that way to me is because i assume that the fire is around here environment, although it is seen on the chain, there is no evidence firelight on her skin or her armour. That is my only concern on the piece. Good job however with modeling the figure!

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A truly awesome picture! The use of shadow and light is fantastic here, as is the realistic detailing in the hands. A very emotional picture - I even get a sense of her spirituality - a difficult emotion to express in any medium. I love this one!!


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Fantastic work,Excellent pic..Love her expression,alot of emotions in her eye

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Thanks Terry,

For this image I modeled only top part of the model

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bloody brilliant!...I would never guess this was rendered....did you also make the model..?

Art at its best.