Vampire Violinist (Nicolas) by shell

Vampire Violinist (Nicolas)

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Added: Jul 03, 2002
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He slurs his violin in subdued solitude, as he has many nights before. Each day he plays his stresses longer... flirting with fate.
His eyes burn, skin scalds.... yet his violin tattles on till he can take no more.

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perfect expression, great details. Poor Nicki...Sad

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NICHOLAS!!!!!! *hugs him ferociously* I loved his character passionately, and it's been so long... and I've never seen ONE picture of him, til now... *stares* The poor beautiful creature... Dammit, I just can't put how I feel about this picture into words! It's just so perfect and sad and BEAUTIFUL! Sorry I can't tell you anything more constructive... I'm in shock... Nicki... *cries*

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excuse me, but i as a violinist take offence at your comment. only when unskillfully played is it screechy, as is any stringed instrument. but when well played, it is gorgeous! take care when you make generalisations. and also, if you are so keen to find an image of a cellist, make one yourself!
now to the artist: the mood you create in this piece is tremendous and powerfulm as are his eyes. I also love your attention to detail, especially in the folds of his clothes. Beautiful!

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*sigh* everyone thinks the piano is the most common instrument. but its not, oh no. its the violin. everyone plays the violin. that horrible, screechy, box sounding instrument. um ya.... i like his face, especially that look in his eyes. must be an awesome violinist, from the look of his fingers he could go into 6th position with only extension fingerings (no shifting). i dont think theres an image anywhere on epilogue of a cellist. stupid attention grabbing im-so-special-pity-my-needs violins.

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I love the detail in this from the hair to the clothes to the violin to the eyes. A beautiful piece.

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Lovely old world look to this work. The detail in the vest is awesome. I think you got the feel of Nicholas exactly.

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Wonderful eyes, clothes, attitude. I love Nicholas from Anne Rice books and yours is very lovely

Art at its best.