Bittersweet Mael by shell

Bittersweet Mael

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Added: Jul 08, 2002
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Yet another Anne Rice Vampire. He is the loner, the bittersweet and alone. Always in the background.

He was painted for myself, therefore he is not as detailed as I would have liked...

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WOW its good work and if thats wat you look like whoa whoa

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i don't know how u do it but this one stands apart. u send Linda back to the drawing board

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Stunning. I love this, I have love just finsihed vampire lestat, going into queen of the damned, but I have to say that This is amazing. His hair and his eyes, and just dazzling. Spellbinding it is. This is by far my most favorite picture out of anything I have ever seen. Its wonderful, I absolutly love it.

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Again, I must applaude. I have seen several renditions of Mael, but this is the best. He is, by far my favorite character in the books. He, Avicus, and Marius were the greatest characters in the books. Genius.

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Hmm..I like this pic..but I will be truthful with you..You should have perhaps gave his nose a bit more of a hook, and his whole face (though i LOVE it as it is) a bit more of the hawkish look..But I love this picture just like the rest of your pictures!

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**SIDE NOTE: I love Anne Rice and have read nearly everything that she has written!

My one true comment on this piece would be: "BEAUTIFUL! FLAWLESS!"

I have yet to find a picture of a vampire closer to what I believe would be the truth than this one right here.

Your other work, might I add while I am here, is also fabulous!

Kudos to you on a VERY fine job.


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I like it very much, i am also a big Anne Rice fan, i just dont know what vampire he is

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I wouldn't change a thing, I just fell in love with his face when I first saw it. I never had a real picture of how I thought Mael should look, but your piece, makes it pretty clear. Great work!

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All your work is absolutly amazing, and this guy's awsome. Very real.....and VERY cute. There's something about him that makes me want to cry for some reason- like a kind of quiet sorrow. I don't know if it's supposed to be that way, but it seems that way to me.

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And here I was thinking Jesse fell for him thanks to his vampiric charms... Boy, was I wrong! He so damn sexy here! *drools*

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I thought Mael was semi-good looking until I saw this. I like the darker colors, since there was always an air of a brooding blackness in him in the books. I'm personally impressed with his hair. It looks like you can almost reach out and touch it, and it'd feel like spun silk beneath your fingertips...

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This isyour most beautiful vampire. I also didn't imagine Mael so good looking but from now on it is how I will picture him. You are very talented artist and as much obssessed with Anne Rice´s vampires as I am!

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wow, what a man... huh i like vampire-boys...yeah. very attractive!!!

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Thanx Sweetie! I was afriad it was somewhat dull... hmm.. I like you *lol*

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Why do you think Jesse fell for him? His sense of humor? *giggles* I adore your MArius and Amadeo pic, BTW... I saved it within my inspiration folder. I hope you don't mind:)

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For some reason I pictured Mael not so DAMN good looking!!! I think I like your version better then mine! ALOT better! *lol* He's to DIE for! ( No Pun intended...)

I love all the Vampire Cronicle characters you do!

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He is beautiful nonetheless. I adore your use of muted colors. Such lovely shading.

Art at its best.