the globe by azayaka

the globe

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Added: Dec 25, 2001
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a being, immortal and endless looks into the reality of our world and envies it.

done with ink and brush and pen nibs.

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dark-sidhe's picture

You're going into my bookmarks, stat. Your work is haunting, evocative, and bold, and I winced more than once going through your gallery. The fact that you can provoke such emotional reaction is a thing of which you should be very proud.

Incidentally, I posted on this piece in particular because I have a linoprint Gaia in my gallery whose mood is reminiscent of your own! In may give you a grin to compare the two.

Guest's picture

Despite countless warnings people still dream about immortality. What is it that attracts people to immortality? The fear of dying? Not being able to say goodbye? Nothing lasts forever even eternity has its limits. Dying isn't easy but consider that the alternative isn't that much better....With that in mind...great picture!

spaceartist's picture

i am quite envious of this one... it would look beautiful in my studio!
any chance of trading prints?
Smile david G

azayaka's picture

i was hoping youd remember that:)

Guest's picture

Figures I forget to add my email address....

Guest's picture

Ah... I'm in love with this piece. *Sigh* If I could only creep out of my little pencil and paper shell and into the world of COLOR! Maybe... water color? HA, to scary for me! me if you're interested in seeing some of my work

Guest's picture

Yeay! Finally, at long, long, long last, the good-er version Smile Way to go, way to gooooooooo!

azayaka's picture

heres the bigger, bolder, and downright better version:)

thedarkcloak's picture

Hey this is a great pic... love what you did with the color contrast between the globe and the rest of the pic... really nice stuff!

Guest's picture

Starry starry night
Paint your palette blue and grey.
Look out on a summer's day,
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.
Shadows on the hills
Sketch the trees and the daffodils
Catch the breeze and the winter chills
In colors on the snowy linen land

Now I understand what you tried to say to me.
And how you suffered for your sanity,
And how you tried to set them free
They would not listen
They did not know how
Perhaps they'll listen now

Smile Remember now?

azayaka's picture

oh starry starry night. this is how i want to die. ... isnt that an anne sexton quote?

Guest's picture

Well, your scanner ate off a few dozen, right? Memory may serve me wrong, but this did take many, many sleepless hours of the morning to complete. Upload a larger version! Come one, come all, sign the petition to see the little glass bubble world in higher definition! Smile

azayaka's picture

a friend of mine recently counted the stars in this picture: 1060 ...that is, if she didnt miss any:)

Guest's picture

The style is very unique (bah, everyone says that.) There's something very exotic about the lines. (ah, that sounds better Laughing out loud) The amount of detail is fantastic. If I squint just right, I can kinda, somewhat come close to appreciating the amount of work that went into this.

azayaka's picture

those stars came with a price: my sanity! hehe... glad you like it!

Guest's picture

Hey Sare, you've made it to Epilogue at last! Congratulations. The lady's still as lovely as ever... ah, those stars took ages and ages to finish. I agree - here's to more images!
- Sitha

Guest's picture

I wish I could see all those little stars, they look lovely, and the globe looks so shinny! I hope you are going to add more images, soon.

Art at its best.