goodbye by azayaka


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Added: Jan 02, 2002
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done with brush and ink

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azayaka's picture

actually, i studied oil painting for two years... but then moved to photography due to the lack of 'real world' application in painting... whatever that means:) my first love was oil. but i find that when i paint with oils or acrylics im far more inclined to be abstract. and abstract art annoys me, even when its mine. so basically, the only art im willing to show off is the stuff i feel is more technically inclined, as it were.

kirsten413's picture

You know how to draw,how to express feelings,why don't you try oil someday?It should open you the gates to another world.

azayaka's picture

you know... i was totally obsessed with that scene in that movie where she floats down in that red robe and hovers over the floor. and i didnt mean to make it look like that... but i probably did it subconsciously:D

chimera's picture

The cloth is so beautiful! And the emotion is so real too~ Kinda reminds me of a scene from 'the cell':)

Guest's picture

I see a portrayal of a lover coming in time to say the last goodbye to his dying woman. She has put her hand up to grab hold of what kept her alive to say goodbye, love of her man. My favorite.....

azayaka's picture

hehe... you know... so many ppl (obviously not here) have asked me that. and for awhile i wasnt really sure myself:). but i came to the same conclusion as you: if her arms up, shes gotta be at least a little alive:)

Guest's picture

Is she... dead?!? I just have to know. It is going to give me nightmares. Wait a sec... If she were dead, how could she hold her arm up??? Hehe haa-a-I'm an idiot

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Dramatic, beautiful and sad.....

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wow. thank you very much! it means a lot to me that what i tried to do actually worked!Smile

aurora's picture

O my god, the emotion in this picture is absolutely have so much talent to be able to produce such a heartwrenching peice of art. Reminds me of Romeo and Juliet, when he thinks she is dead... beautiful.

Art at its best.