the study by azayaka

the study

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Added: Jan 07, 2002
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a young elf studies her history...

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This has great composition and detail, and an excellent wide range of tones.
You've captured the texture of the wood grain and flesh tones nicely. Terrific work!..........Hey, you got a comment from Master Targete! There's nothing more flattering than receiving a comment from that guy!.... Except maybe getting a comment from Igino,.... no, no,.... I guess there about equal. ^____^

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well... you know,i think ive got em... but i dunno where they are:). if i could find one, id put her up...

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This one's my favorite! The Death, the Destruction, it brings a tear to my eye. The character has a good imagination. Sorta reminds me of those prints you made a couple years back; do you still have those?

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thank you very much! i have a soft spot in my heart for the tedium of rendering:)

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Nice little piece .I like border art alot too.Glad to see pencil work is not dead.

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ill do my best, but youve hit upon my weakness! i love the 3/4 view of the face, i think its the most beautiful. but ill take your advice and do something new... just for you even! ...and as for this specific drawing... it didnt really take that long at all, i just got lucky:)

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Nice work. I don't know if the time put in to this one varies from the rest, but it is much stronger compositionally. =) Wouldn't mind seeing a few different views of your characters (other than looking to the viewer's left 3/4 slightly up or down) for some variety, but I definitely see where you've grown in each piece. Keep it up! And yes, kudos on that border! Wink

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thanks man! heh.

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Remember the image from printmaking? You should post a link to compare & contrast. Dig the perspective. =)

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Wow! the border is amazing!!

Art at its best.