the agony by azayaka

the agony

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Added: Mar 24, 2002
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hm.. inspired by the feeling of a three day migraine.

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azayaka's picture

thank you and i shall! im glad i could make the vision a recognizable one to those who can relate.

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You know I envy you for being able to get those thoughts and feelings on paper. Though they aren't the best of feelings, I know what a migraine can do. The question remains how does one translate their feelings and thoughts onto paper. Somehow my body doesn't understand what my brain is saying. So the paper remains empty.... Luckily I see some of my feelings and thoughts in your images. So keep it up...

azayaka's picture

heh,never a good idea to prompt me to talk, or even think about migraines:). im so chalk full of strange medical information, itd make the world spin opposite its direction. im thinkin i should start a support group or something:D. heh. about the body, yeah... i think yer right about the plastic-ness of it. somehow i made the skin a little too shiny... *shrug* then again, its sorta fitting... nothing like a good two week migraine to make you realize that your body is nothing but a horrible trap that god invented just to teach you a little humility.

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"its funny how most ppl think migraines are just headaches, but they actually screw with your entire body. very creepy in my opinion... like some sort of creature living in your blood and trying to get out."

I think this should be the title
of the drawing. A bit long though, but i like it. Could be my eyes or the resolution off the screen, but the body seem plastic like to me. Don't know if that is the idea. Doesn't really matter i like it anyway. -Christiaan

azayaka's picture

yeah, if my mind was warped before then, you guys definately had a hand in finishing the job:D

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you've obviously spent a few hours at 301 shelard pkwy, chamber designation 338. beautifully hellish and utterly descriptive of the aforementioned to hurt, hurt to love and other such dramatic cliches.

azayaka's picture

i definately see the resemblence... its like the same pose but viewed from a different angle. ppl: check this out!

pagan's picture

horror inspirered, great stuff, in some way it resembles my robocomplex image, dont you agree?

azayaka's picture

hahah! you know how many bad jokes come from such a last name? every day i get at least one, "so... you think youre witty, eh?" and then the person in question laughs and i just stare at them:D. hahah

neofotistos's picture

intravenous kind of horror Smile
apart from your eye-popping talent, do you have any idea how much I'd like my surname to be "witty"?

wolverat's picture

This is a tad disturbing, Sara. I know what you mean about migraines though. This sure gets the 'point' across. Well done!

azayaka's picture

yeah... they suck. especially when they last two weeks. bastards.

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The more gruesome side of Sara, dancing out in the daylight... this really is how you start to feel. Tortured. Migraines are awful!!!!

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I love the shading, its so soft and soothing to my brain, even though the poor gal's in agony.


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thank you. its funny how most ppl think migraines are just headaches, but they actually screw with your entire body. very creepy in my opinion... like some sort of creature living in your blood and trying to get out.

azayaka's picture

thank you very much... i think:) heheh

enayla's picture

I think I know how this feels. Wonderful rendition.

socar's picture

Ouch! I can feel the pain in this image--you really got it across wonderfully well...heh, heh...almost TOO well! Fantastic!

chimera's picture

Errm..well this really don't wants me to be in your position then, looks extremely painful..Beautiful drawn though, and I guess a 'good' way to express your emotions? Love the shades and everything! Well, and pplz with hangovers can relate too it also I guess:/~

Art at its best.