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Added: Jul 08, 2002
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this is a picture of a friend of mine whom i loved very much who died recently. i tried to use my usual style but make it softer and a little more sensitive. hope i pulled it off.

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hi sara it's erika i re-bumped into you years ago in MPLS at a wedding i was working. brendy and i were very close and he introduced me to you back in th'day. i just found this picture along with its preceeding photograph. i can't begin to tell you how glad i am that this drawing exists. i saw it a few times years ago and sometimes would see it at matt's house. i've wanted to see it so many times. looking at it is like being able to say goodbye. he looks happy. i'll never forget that face. eyes, lips. i still can't believe how much i miss him how unfair it is that he's gone except that we all have a most beautiful angel. i remember a night of 10,000 bouncy balls, your bday? moments of pure bliss. thanks for your talent. life is so strange. your other art looks great too. email me if you like i'm still in MPLS....

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it seems you don't use epilogue anymore sara but let me just say, this pic is real lovely. i was quite touched.

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I'm sorry for your friend. This is a beatiful tribute to him.

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thanks so much;)

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wow,why do i see this so late,this is the most outstanding work i´ve seen from you,i love the composition,the gradients,and the always:-D...very impressive!

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thank you:))). lemmer, if thats you, you gotta email me again... i thought i had yer addy, but its gone. and ster deleted yer number:P. if its not lemmer... uh... well:) hm:)

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It brought tears to my eyes. Witty, It is the most stunning thing I have ever seen you do.

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the feathers are such a wonderful touch. why do we get so egotistical about those who die? the only one who needs this futile display of sorrow is ourselves and the relatives, since the dead really really couldn't care less.

but lamentation is such a good weapon in the hands of artists. heart-sinking Sarah! thumbs up my friend.

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thank you. yeah, he sure was beautiful... had a beautiful heart too..Smile good combo.

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it's beautiful, he's touching.

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thank you:)

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thanx trace:)

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thank you... brendan was my photography and drawing model for five years, i thought if fitting that i use his image again as a memorial.

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im glad the warmth came through... and thank you for thinking of me:)

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I am always loving your pencil work...and I can see the softness and sadness in this picture. It is a beautiful testament.

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I'm sure he'd be touched. I am.


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What a fond remembrance. I'm sure he'd be so touched...

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sorry, must=much >.<

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you most definitely pulled it of. it has more of a warmer intimate feeling, without loosing your original touch. and i love that there is always so must meaning hiding behind your work. condolences

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thank you, and thank you:) im glad it came off sensitive instead of harsh like most of my pieces. im glad you like it:)

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thanks for your kind words, im trying to get new stuff out of my head as quickly as it comes, but thats proving a challenge:)

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So sorry to hear about you're friend Sara. I think you did a wonderful job with the pic, very sensitively conveyed.

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nice to see some new stuff from you:)
at least..

take care

Art at its best.