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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 15, 2002
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It was done with acrylic/watercolor/ink. Origionally I wanted this picture to be about balance, like the yin-yang, but it mutated when I decorated it too much. It's still a sucess though.

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Thanks Min Smile

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whoah. If you follow the lines horizontally, it makes you feel a little vertigo. Awesome. So maybe it's not so much Yin Yang. It turned out more complex in my opinion. Like being caught and held transfixed by a card game.

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Hey! This one is like being slapped in the face with Dali. Its very emotional. I love the reds - powerful!
Keep it up!
-Gyst Hyu

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whooa!Very unique...n...i don e word 2 describe but it's definitely special!Neva seen anithing like it.

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I like it, it's very thought provoking.

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Thanks Smile This piece is a few years old, but it's still one of my favourites.

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Wow, this is really neat. I love the illusion in the checkerboard and how you made the creatures part of it. We just got done with op-art in art class at my school and i have to say that no one did such a job as what I have just seen. Wonderful!

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This is one of my favorites! I love how the creatures have no necks, I don't know why...

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Love it ^^ It has this kind of desturbing effect (everything with a lot of black and white squares has that effect on me >.< like a chess-bord or whatever it's called O.o; scary..*shivers*) i love the 'bumps' in the pattorn, they make me guess what's underneath.. like a suprise attack in disguise or something like that.. Great piece ^^

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I commend your patience! Wow, this must have taken ages to paint!! keep up the great work!

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Thanks. I find when you use simple colour scheems, it's easier to create a strong atmosphere.

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Gees!! How do u do it? Everything u do is like in 3 colors! U really know how to wield that black and white and make so much space, And everyone of your pics had great composition.

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There is your beautiful picture. It's good to see it here on Epilogue! Congratulations on your new gallery!

Art at its best.