The Closet Monster by maura

The Closet Monster

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Added: May 29, 2002
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Is is just a shadow?

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forestrogers's picture

I like the vague, ominous form... quite convincing. I suspect it's in my closet even now...

maura's picture

Yeah! Although I don't think the children would feel the same way Wink

pantropy's picture

It gives me the shivers. I'd like to agree with what Jean-Marc Rulier wrote... this would make a very could image in a children's book.

maura's picture

Thanks Smile

Guest's picture

That is a tremendous image for a children's book... Great feeling, idea... I like it!

maura's picture

Weeeeeee *thumbsup*

Guest's picture

I love this.

maura's picture

Thanks Vera!

maura's picture

Thanks, I do do link exchanges.

Guest's picture

Thanks...I will never be able to sleep without a night light again...and I am 21 years old... Your artwork is beautiful and haunting and emotional, I am instantly a fan of your work. I came across your gallery through the "Weird Comments" thread in this website's forum. Your art is beautiful, let me know if you do link exchanges or have banners so that I can link to your website. Amanda,

nep's picture

hey this is cool! so dark and dangerous! i love, how you used the blue and black colours to create atmosphere.

maura's picture

If everyone's getting the reaction that I was trying to portray, than that same old comment means that it was a success. Thankyou very much!

Guest's picture

i know a couple of people have said this already, but i had to mention it too. this reminds me of when i was a kid, waking up from a nightmare and not being able to get out of bed to go to the bathroom because of some odd shadow...i love this picture, you're very creative

maura's picture

Thank you so much. I'm glad you like my work andvisited my page, that means a lot to me.

pjohanna's picture

Just wanted to tell you that I much admire the fragile atmosphere in you paintings. I hope that no matter how much you´ll advance as a painter technically, you´ll never loose this quality in you work.
I paid a visit to you homepage. Allthough I especially like the paintings done in blue tones there were some like The Night Out on the Town that I enjoyed, since it had a kind of rushed and excited feeling captured to it.

Guest's picture

this painting reminds me of horrible dreams I had as a child....its kind of eerie how similar it is.

Guest's picture

It's great!

kabe's picture

This one is my personal favorite here, Maura!

maura's picture


hexthree's picture

great work Maura! I like the limited use of color, and leaving the monster up to the veiwers imagination is very clever.

nooget's picture

This one is great, one of my favorites! I love how you used the acrilics.

maura's picture

heh, thanks.

azayaka's picture

this is super cool. ...exactly what the monster in my closet looks like! ... i wish i was kidding:)

Guest's picture

I really like the colors here; they're the Essence of Shadow.
I'm not finding the big shadow itself really worrying, though...maybe if it had a hint of eyes, or variation to its form? (Shrug)

Guest's picture

Hmmm. Brings back memories of being a little kid and peering out from under the covers at the creepy shadowy thing in the corner. LOL

Guest's picture

You've depicted much in such a simple's really disturbing to try and imagine just what that shadow may be!

Art at its best.