Line Backer by drew

Line Backer

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 28, 2002
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Photoshop pic for Rifts CCG. Not very detailed, but worked ok on a card.

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drew's picture

Yep, they're all done with a mouse. I'm sure a wacom would be better, but I've got so many things on my list of 'must haves' that a graphics tablet won't be happening anytime soon.

ct2001's picture

A MOUSE?!......*faints* You really need a tablet my friend. I can't imagine the quality of your work if you were to go at a painting in PS with a tablet. I personally use a 9x12 Wacom Intuos tablet. Try one out, I'm sure you'll find it much easier to use than a freakin' mouse. Does this mean all of your other digital pieces here are done with a mouse too? Anyway......Outstanding work dude. ~M

drew's picture

Yeah, but at least I had a full version of Photoshop for this one. Even with the crummy computer, it still felt like luxury Smile

Guest's picture

P133!?! GYAKK! ... wait .. you said you did this with a mouse ... and a P133 ... *faints*

Guest's picture

300 dpi!?! gyak!

lockett's picture

Great job here Drew, this machine has real character.

drew's picture

Nope, for print work (which this is) I work at 300dpi. Lag time isn't a huge problem, as I don't work that fast anyway. It was a bit annoying, but this pic was done on a piece of junk P133 and it was still use-able.

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You are a master of reflection technolgy and "incidence angles".
How I long to own Photoshop and a Macintosh, that would be sweet.
This is great, very cool design.
Looks like it could really kick butt.
What dpi do you work at? 75? 150?
I suspect that you keep it low to reduce computer processor "lag time", and because you can achieve a lot of impact with a low resolution image anyway. Furthermore, it probably takes a lot less time to create a low res digital painting then a high res one.
Great job.

Art at its best.