Scientific Investigator by drew

Scientific Investigator

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Added: Feb 01, 2002
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Clement Fothergill, scientific investigator, and his dog Combusto. Rather un-cleverly, I did this one on normal sketchpad paper.

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More ironing tips: Place a towel or cloth over the painting/paper to diffuse the heat and avoid scorching. NEVER use steam! And always iron image/ink/paint down.

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If you're still checking comments. Try ironing the paper. Start with low and move up. Learned this in university when I had to iron a wrinkled paper (typed on 100% cotton bond paper so I used cotton setting on the iron) before turning it in. Great sketch too. Love the guys expression!

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the colours, the composition, the characters... this whole picture is just so damn good!

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I didn't. They're still there. You can sort of see them in the way the grey background fades away so unevenly Sad

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Well, this was suprising... At first glance I just saw that old fella with that... pipe... thingie. anyways, I thought that this has the oldfashioned looks... Then... "What the heck? a robo dog?" Quite suprising twist Cool How did you get rid of the wrinklines of the paper?

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Thanks Jordan. Well, this looks one looks ok in digital form, but in real life doing it on cheap paper adds up to a bad case of the wrinkles.

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Drew, your work is amazing - I love all the small details such as the magnifying glass in his pocket and the scales on the cane. And the dog is truly incredible. Un-clever or not, doing this on normal sketch paper doesn't seem to have detracted from the finish of this image at all. Very, very nice stuff.

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I love the way you draw hands, you really capture the rectangular planes of the fingers.
By the way, that robotic dog rocks.

Art at its best.