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Added: Feb 04, 2002
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Guess what! Rifts ccg art again! Surprised?!!!

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Guest's picture

Nice. Very nice. I haven't found alot of fan art after RIFTS RPG.

from theorangemachine@hotmail.com

enayla's picture

Absolutely awesome stuff. I love how you handle light.

drew's picture

Thanks Patrick. If I´ve inspired you back to the easel then I´ve done my good deed for the day Smile

megaflow's picture

You really know how to milk the drama for all its worth! The lighting and poses, the background... man, the way it all works together, this piece just leaves me in awe (and ready to get back to the easel to improve to your level...!) So cool.

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A true masterwork! Creative eye with masterful execution! You've got it all here!

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I have played and run Epic Rifts (today a mere shadow of a great game and story idea) for over a decade.

This is undoubtedly the best artistic interpretation of the Rifts Hivelands threat that I have ever seen.

I hope you find the time to expand the background and add some insectoid decor a la menacing monoliths, etc.

Thank you for inspiring present and future artists.

Irek falsimages@msn.com

dakka's picture

Kick Ass!!! These guys are my kinda chums! Nice to see traditional art alive and well.

vuollet's picture

acrylics huh... Well dang... Heckuva work that must have been 8/ Creeepy buggers Cool

drew's picture

Don't worry. It will be years and years before that happens.

Guest's picture

That just makes me want to cry! Sad

drew's picture

True. But as we keep rolling into the future I'm sure some boffin somewhere will figure out a way to make digital 'originals' in some way. Or possibly scanning and printing technology will become so advanced that 'real' art will become worthless too.

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And an original oil has value. A digital file will never have any value. It can be bastardized and changed for all time not to mention that digital printing gets better almost daily making older "Prints" worthless.

drew's picture

Yep. Oils were the solution to so many of my painting problems. Some people might think this is a bit weird, considering how supposedly 'messy' oils are, but they are the closest physical media to digital painting that I know of.

sferris's picture

You sure have a great gallery here Drew! Very nice stuff overall! And yes oil is the right way to go!!!

lofgren3's picture

This is another kick butt painting that never fails to please. I think it's your design skills I like best. Then again your colors and your compositions are...Oh Hell...You're a God. Damn....

drew's picture

It sure is. But it's kind of difficult to paint in this style with acrylics, so I've fully swithched over to using oil paints since I finished this one.

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These guys are just awesome. I love the weapons - like different coloured extensions of their exo-skeletons. And the transparency of the wings is beautiful. Another great one!

mermalior's picture

awesome! Is this really acrilics?

Art at its best.