Type II Saccharose Diabetes by neofotistos

Type II Saccharose Diabetes

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Added: Apr 16, 2002
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WoW!!! this is awesome. Hi my name is Tyler i'm a graphics 2 student out at Thomas Dale high. I love your art so much its so surreal and has great meaning

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We're addicted to sugar at an early age. Indeed, like the petroleum industry, the big sugar industry cares only about perpetuating their own wealth, even if it's at the expense of human life.

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Everytime I'm Epilogue I always stop to look at this drawing. It's brialliant! Amazing job!

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You are one talented young man! OUTSTANDING WORK!

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This is the first time I see smarties used as 'dummies'... Yet another of your non-08/15 concepts, I never get tired of your surrealism since you always manage to give it a good punch line. Oh, and can I have one of the green ones?

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this is just brilliant! absolutely brilliant!

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A prison of blood, sellotape, and M&Ms...this is really haunting, and wonderfully executed too. It's one of those pictures that makes me sit back and screech "I wish I thought of that!" It's great--especially the zipper. The zipper rules.

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Whoa.. (!) this blew me away before but seeing it now on epilogue it does twice as strong.. i didnt even dare to take the time to log in ^.^ It looks awesome.. the coloring, the technique, but what impresses me the most is by far the consept and idea.. the thought behind. Diabetes .. i have a very general idea of the disease but i think i know the connection between the title and the image. how longer i look at it how more things i find and discover. It's an awesome image.. '

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Incredible concept! And the execution is...just....wow!

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exxxxxxcellent Smile

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Would that I could dispense M&M's from my hand...I'd never leave the house again....

Art at its best.