Salvador Dali, autos*domised by His own Inspiration by neofotistos

Salvador Dali, autos*domised by His own Inspiration

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Added: Mar 15, 2003
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Great tribute! Love how blood becomes chocolate!

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You idiots.
Dali himself did this.

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WoW . . just I want ask how you painit it ? by which program ??

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An excellent reflect of dali's mind I guess. Anyway It is a great way to express a metaphore

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It's really quite fantastic. I see something new everytime I look at it. I especially like the shadow on his chest!

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that's me staring then closing my eyes a few times, then forcing them open again to make sure I'm seeing properly.
captivating, frightening and painful-- I love it!! (

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what a tribute,the master,he would be proud of you,as we are...Wink

great job!

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another classic:) stop teasing my jealousy hehe.."chapeau bas" like we say here in froggyland

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Dali would definetly be proud.

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Yowza! Ditto to everyone elses comments. This is great! You definately captured his style here, I really do think he'd enjoy this one.

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You did a great job on the 'grater hand.' I feel sick now (O.x)

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Dali was an amazing artist, and this is a great tribute! well done, Christos!

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I saw Dali once when I was 10 or so. To speak the truth, I was in a car on the motorway to Paris when I overpassed him. He had a big black german car and was asleep on the back seat, covered with some furry rug, an old man very dry looking. Of course he can't remember me since he was sleeping (and now he is dead). He was a great artist of course but I am a bit concerned about his political point of view (hope I am not wrong). Your skilled paintings are always a pleasure to contemplate.

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Cool! Very well done. I wonder what Dali would think about this.

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WoW! What a dramatic, horrific picture! (a good horrific!) A great hamage to a great artist, I'm sure he would have liked it!!!

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Holy crud! He's cheese-grating his hand!! Gyaaaagh!!! Nice classical, rennaisance look to it.

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Excellent and disturbing. A very nice tribute. Smile

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this is great! really creative idea:)

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WOW Christos,great to see another piece of art from you.and a great one at that.your works are always highly cerebral.your a genius Smile.i think youve captured his personality well.

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I think I saw this one on your site *heh heh* You sick bastard, ;D I love it!!

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Hell, YEAH! I'm blown away by this--fantastic rendering, creepy-as-all-get-out theme...luminous clouds, gooey blood..yeah, this one's got it ALL! You rule.

Art at its best.