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Added: Jan 29, 2004
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it's a piece about parents looking up at god (just a symbolism of society) for confirmation, so they can feel legitimate about putting pressure on their children. I'm an atheist, and this isn't a religious piece.

again, this took me a few months to finish. too long actually.

thanks for looking

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This piece is amazing, I love it and admire all of your work. And people, stop bagging out her use of God in the artwork, everyone has a right to choose what they believe in. If you don't like it, go comment on the Sistine Chapel, it's just an artwork. High five on the copyright comment!

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I think we all like to feel that sense of security, that what we're doing is "okay" -- even the "okay" in a sense outside of what others think. There's a fuzzy line dividing the Healthy and Moral. If someone has an artistic urge to paint (such and such) and decides to act on it, it could (possibly) lead to a destructive habit of always following impulse. But, autocensorship can strangle creativity and public enlightenment. When we're lost, we like to fill ourselves with others' ideas.. it's hard to tell what is "best". ..I'm babbling again.

(jazzeria.deviantart.com ["Char"])

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Art reflects the minds urge to express itself to others.. to bring about empathy to a concept.. dont rub god into it. Respect others beliefs.

I like the copywrite comment too. patents and copywrites are one of the reasons why proper AIDS treatment cant reach countries like Africa in such a way as will be effective. It makes me sick.

The piece is sublime both in concept and execution. has a classical rembrandt style to it. Very well done.

I'm an agnostic myself, but feel this statement by Rev Eric Hoffman well suits the theme -
"Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children"

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Cool piece - cool concept! Wonderful work!

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I must admit I am disappointed that you’re an atheist…. do to the fact that you’re also an “artist”…and as an artist you should be able to see that all creation {Art} proclaims the name of God…..Yet I did like your statement about copy right laws…. and the morality of economic investment, and recuperation of research; versus the needs of the impoverished.
Oh, by the way the PIC looks great!

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Very nice use of the medieval setting and style, combined with the more modern elements of symbolism.

Art at its best.