portrait by drewhilstad


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Added: Feb 04, 2002
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acrylic on mdf

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I think this painting is beautiful - the droplets of water and the damp hair give it a mysterious feel and the eyes are perfect.
This sort of painting really inspires me!

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I think it's a really good work, only the nose looks a bit strange Wink

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what I really like the best about this paining are the woman's lips (I've been known to wear purple lipstick myself)-- the color and shape are so inviting, as if any second she's going to lean in very close and whisper a secret. To discover that sort of anticipation in a painting is really wonderful. The skin on her face simple seems to glow, but the neck seems sunken in, and over-defined. You seem to do that a lot with necks in general, I've noticed. Also watch for the way the nos attatches to the rest of the face-- on the left side of the painting especially, the nose looks almost broken. I don't think her chin is big enough, either-- the mouth seems too close to the bottom of the face. I feel incredibly guilty pointing all this out in your artwork, and I really MUST stress that you are indeed amazingly talented-- I just see places where you could become so much better, that's all.

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Layer ,layers, layers. I painted this on a 1" THICK PEICE OF FLOORING,it's about the cheepest wood yet it has a nice grain(pulp) . I under painted it with complementry colord house paint.Then I used colord gesso, then Golden acrylic paint. I airbrushed and wet brushed the face with a mounths worth of thin glazzes, then topped it off with a 5 coats of laquer.There must be an inch of paint on it. I then faux finished an MDF frame into an oak and cherry wood finish.All together this painting weighs about 50LBS.

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Stunning lady! I love the mix of colors and how the lights pulls them forth. I love the watery, heavy feel to it as well...the damp locks, drips on her nose, gleams on her neck...Very nice indeed!

Art at its best.