Thunder God by christar

Thunder God

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 03, 2004
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I wanna be able to fly and produce electricty with my hands. Also, I want to be a lean and muscular hunk.

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christar's picture

Hey thanks a lot Dan. I plan on one day re-doing this background and lightning in a much more realistic and 3-d way. Otherwise, I was proud of my figure work in this one. I appreciate your comment! Smile

wolverat's picture

Nice job on the anatomy, Chris.

christar's picture

Heh heh, thanks Uwe. Smile

j-art's picture

wow - this piece really reaches out to the viewer - a really stunning piece!!!! - btw. seems we all share the same dream - lol - love your description Smile

christar's picture

I agree. I think I pulled off the anatomy and skin tones very well on this, and it's probably what made this image just barely Epilogue quality. Thank Varian.

varian's picture

Sharing the dream, lol. I like the skin tones on this.

christar's picture

Thanks Bill, but I thought you could already produce lightning in your hands? Kidding. Smile

christar's picture

Heh Heh, thanks Marley.
I learned this lightning technique off Timothy "The Lightning Master" Ferreira, but I never mastered it the way he has.
I remember emailing him 4 years ago on Elfwood asking him to "divulge the secret of his lightning technique" to me. Smile

thrax-1's picture

This piece is as striking as ever....snirks X). the way you've rendered the lightning is superb really. Very realistic. Amazing rendering for your character too!. Very polished chris Laughing out loud.

bcorbett67's picture

Me too Chris, me too... (nice one).

Art at its best.