Lord Fiddlebottom by camilkuo

Lord Fiddlebottom

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 28, 2004
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Shake hands my lord, we won... =)

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The detail on this is incredible. And I love the title. Laughing out loud

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wow..this is incredible, what detail. great job, this is awesome Smile

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I want this... hanging in my room... now. haha... it is brilliant. The color schemes magnificent and I love the title! *giggles*

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Lord Wotshisname is probably your best piece. Brilliant!

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absolutely fantastic as is all your work I have enjoyed visiting so much.

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I saw this a few days ago and I can't stop coming back to look at it. Impressive.

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I love this picture, I think I'm in love now.^^

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oh my gord! i'm in love!

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Camille you are one of the most excellent artists I have ever seen and self taught like myself :} I only hope one day I can draw as good as you.

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Whoa! Fantastic!

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This is the most Foppish Fop I have ever seen in Epilogue. This is so excelent. You diserve the Editors Pic. Great Job!

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This quite simply made me gasp. The rendering of fabrics and textures here is just yummy!

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I am blown away by the work you've done on this piece! There is nothing more that I can say that would do it justice...

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I love the way it's colored, the colors are veyr contrasting adn the details are amazing.

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Camille!Just browsing through your gallery,or images you've posted today.I am immensily impressed by your art.All of a very high quality.congratulations camille!.

Art at its best.