Alien Beauty by megaflow

Alien Beauty

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 18, 2002
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In this painting, I've cast Brigette Helm (best known as the robot in Metropolis) in a new part. I thought she deserved to be in another Science Fiction classic (my own) without all the prosthetics.

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megaflow's picture

Thanks, Rita! It's always nice to hear from you. This is still one of my favorites Smile

rita's picture

I agree to the title; "strange" but beautifully

megaflow's picture

Thanks very much, Jennifer. I always try to put some "story" elements, or little touches that say more than just what is there, such as the halo effect here. Very glad you liked it - thanks for stopping by!

Guest's picture

I like the use of complimentary colors, and the halo effect of the light-makes her look symbolicly as a divine being or something. I like very much.

megaflow's picture

Thanks for noticing all the little things, Maura! I was happy with the background colors, as she was blues/purples and I used the compliments of yellow and orange to "pop" as much as I could.

maura's picture

That's cool! Nice use of colour. The blue and yellow fight, but I think it makes her look more majestic, like she's the calm in the chaos. The different testures between the colours add to that a lot too. I like all those tatoos on her head.

megaflow's picture

Talent, or luck? I just don't know... But thanks!

somk's picture

And you were ahead of your time because this could have been the inspiration source for Zaan in Farscape Smile *talent, I tell you.. talent !*

megaflow's picture

Thanks!! Oils are a slower medium than digital or acrylic, so I'm sure those with tighter deadlines probably concentrate more in those areas. As for me, I'm willing to take the extra time if at all possible, just for the depth of color and the feel of oil paint in a brush...

vera-lucia's picture

Amazing! You do wonders with oils. I really love to see a fine oil painter here. It is difficult to find someone who loves oils these days. I don,t know why. Oil Paint is such an extraordinary medium. And this alien beauty seems very much human.

megaflow's picture

I appreciate your comments, Chris! i can't take too much credit for Miss Helm's look though -- she was indeed a singular beauty. I'm glad my rendering brought that out!

Guest's picture

Brilliant choice of colors; the contrast between foreground and background is explosive!
Her face has an avant garde, modern futuristic look to it, very stylish, expertly rendered.
Awesome clarity again.

megaflow's picture

Thanks! I re-painted the hand three times, putting in less detail each time until you see what is here. Glad it was noticed.

lockett's picture

Wonderful portrait Patrick, she's a beauty all right. I like the little delicate gesture of her hand, and that background is startling (to say the least). Top job.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, you're too kind. I do love oils!

fantasio's picture

...impressive,the most i ike the colors and shadows,it gives it an authentic touch,and over all the very skilled use of oils,respect...

megaflow's picture

I'm glad you liked it. I started out with just a dark background, and while the face stood out, it really wasn't special. So I fell back on color theory - The yellow/orange to compliment the blue/purple. I think that since they are almost equal amounts, it sets up a real tension. It's certainly one of those happy accidents one hopes for!

megaflow's picture

Thanks so much! This one really developed a life of its own as I painted it.

Guest's picture

i think her beauty is quite far reaching, but that's not really the point I'm trying to make. What struck me most about this painting is not that she's an alien, or anything. Or ,well, despite being alien, there's something familiar about this picture. Something almost like a deity or madonna.

megaflow's picture

Thanks! I have four more in the "pending" bin - hopefully most/all will be accepted soon. : )

elbereth's picture

I like the way you've mixed a classic expression/gesture with the alien appearence. I'd love to see you upload more stuff. : )

Guest's picture

Exellent job. I really like the contrasting colors.

Art at its best.