Turf War by megaflow

Turf War

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 22, 2002
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A fight to the finish, in a setting inspired by Hammer films.

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Thank you, kind Guest!

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great detail

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Thanks, Vivek! This is about all the detail it's ever going to have -- I sold it a couple of years ago. Smile But I was very happy with it at the time, and I'm glad you like the storytelling, my favorite part of any picture.

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Awesome painting. Eerie sky, nice depth to the background detail, and good drama on the foreground. The Hunter becomes the Hunted - cool story. But the shadows could a bit of rework, and more detail for the wolves would have been good. Great job - all the best!


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Thanks, and yes I _can_ read it. Hahaha! (Actually a friend read it for me... I have a hard enough time reading English!)

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tja, var jo ganske bra den tegninga her...men dere tullinger skjønner vel ikke hva jeg skriver uansett Tongue mouhahahahahahahaha...

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this thing is so awsome!!!
U really showed the power of this animal, Keep up the good work. ;^)

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Thanks! I was pretty proud of this one (and kind of sad when the original painting sold last year).

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that is a awsome pic, I love how u made the pic ur own

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But I need to know... did you like it?? (Thanks!)

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holy crap!Now that is a picture!Your very,very,VERY good!heck even better!keep it up!

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Thank you! I love doing backgrounds - it's nice when they are noticed!

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Very moody indeed! I like such inviting landscapes.

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Thanks a lot, Dan! I really enjoyed painting this one, and I learned a lot at the time about using colors to heighten the mood.

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Fantastic!!!! I'm a huge horror fan and this blows me away! I love the hammer films and you captured the mood perfect!

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Thanks for the kind compliments, Uwe. I think your work is wonderful, too -- See you around Epilogue!

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just spechless - the light, dramatic, composition - and not at least the outsanding skill behind this masterpiece - no words - just wow - thanks for posting

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Always fine, Anneke - Thanks for asking!

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Hi Patrick, I've used your 'Turfwar' to make a Walk for the Garden. Is that alright with you?


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I appreciate the comments, thanks - Your gallery is very cool, too, btw!

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N. Credible pic! Love the colorz the action--just amazing!

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Much appreciated, Kort. Can't go wrong with that blue and gold color scheme! Thanks for the props.

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Oh yeah, this one is sweet. The backgroung/forground coloration is truly well done. I love it.

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You are too cool, Marilyn - thanks! And this one got knocked out of the duel recently itself, so the circle goes 'round...!

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Ah yes! This is the one the "turfed" me out of my "Battle of the Unicorns" in the Duels at the beginning. I salute the better artist! Truthfully, this is a real winner. Glad to see you are holding your own there.

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Thanks again, Denny. Smile The castle is interesting -- I wanted a very impressionistic castle, with little detail, but I drew it in more detail first so the perspective and everything would be right. Then I took OUT as many details as I could. I think this helps give it the impression of having more than it does... (hope so, anyway).

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yeah this is my favorite piece out of your gallery. i love how you made the castle, it dosnt have that much detail and yet it looks awsome and brooding. wicked wolves and the sky with the moon looks like a perfect setting to create that night-time-scary atmosphere. i bow to you!

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Well, I'm sure yours will come out great, Terry, but thanks!

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This is a great picture Patrick, I wish I`d come here earlier, because I`m tackling a picture with a simular lighting...the only difference is that I`m making a total balls up of my picture...it`s nice to see how it should be done...superb work!

Art at its best.