Battle Elf by megaflow

Battle Elf

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 15, 2002
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This was a commissioned piece to do an RPG character. The client was on a tight budget for a full painting, so I needed to work pretty quickly - about a day from concept to completion. For an elf, he's a pretty mean looking guy, I think. I sure wouldn't want to mess with him.

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Yep. Yep indeed...

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hehehehe magic shocker!

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Thanks, Sabra! I've found that a lot of the secret to doing things fast is twofold: first, planning. Second: confident, bold execution. So, plan by getting your problems worked out in advance (sketched), and gathering all the reference you need before starting. Then execute without playing around - make sure each stroke is the one you needed, be quick but not careless. Think about each stroke ahead of time, but place it quickly. Hmmm.... I hope that helps!

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wow...i couldnt accomplish that in photoshop in 3 weeks, let alone 1 day with acrylics?!? great great job. your a fave artist of mine! now, i better get goin on my speed sketching...hmm...

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Thanks loads, Jessica! He's crazy too, BTW... that helps - I think he's just insane enough to think he's going to kick anyones ass he comes across... and he just might be right!

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Those are some spiffy-mad acrylic skills! *.* The elf warrior is all "dude, I've got the dramatic wind and lighting, there's no way I can lose!"

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I was happy with the background too, I think - it was done very quickly, but I had sort of worked it out in my head beforehand, so I really knew where I was going before I started painting. Thanks for the nice comment!

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I like the colour combination in this one; great interplay of warmer colours for the foreground and cooler for the background! The background in itself is truly lovely!

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Glad you liked it, Tom! As chance would have it, I was just discussing use of reference over on the forums in the "General/Use of photo reference" thread. This is one of the pics I talked about! -- So, for this one, I did a rough sketch of the character and background, then went to Poser and did a nude model in this pose from this angle, and set the three light sources up roughly as you see here. Then I printed it, and used that as my "photo ref". (If I'd had more time, I'd have photographed a friend for my "model"). I then put clothes on in my final sketch, which was easier with the Poser printout. I actually elongated the legs a bit in poser, as I just like that (it's a weird stylistic tic I have - I think I always wanted longer legs myself or something...). Next, I gathered a couple other pieces of reference: a campfire and a picture of some trees. Neither looks much here like the reference, but I always want to have a real item for reference to pick up little details I would otherwise think of, like the "furry" way the bark comes off the trees, or the way the burnt wood looks in the fire (cracked and white on top, and glowing red on the bottom). --- If time had permitted, I'd have used the reference I gathered of a forest floor to do something with the ground, esp. the bottom left. But the day was over and I had to quit... -- Thanks for asking!

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One more word on reference... And that word is: "verisimilitude". A very useful word that means "the appearance of being real". This is the quality that I strive for... not photographic reality, but the appearance of believability and apparent reality. That's why reference material is invaluable for me - I can't possibly remember all those little details that say so much about the the things I'm painting.

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Great days work, I was wondering do you use much reference or any when you do something like this...

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Thanks, Kay!

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I agree..Great color and lighting in this piece.

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Thanks, Malachi! A good word from you about lighting is high praise!

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Very nice for a single days work. I think you handled the lighting very well. Good show. ~M~

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Well, it was a long day....!
Thanks a lot for the compliments, Cynthia!

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A day!!?? ::bangs her head on the table::
The sweeping movement really works's almost explosive! Nice work Patrick.

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That was exactly what I was after, Walt - gratified that you picked up on it!

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Thanks, Mark. I figured I'd need to do some moody lighting to make up for the relative lack of detail -I guess it worked. Glad you liked it!

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Yes! A portrait that moves! Very nice job, Patrick! It explodes with a promise of battle.

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Damn good job for just a day Patrick, I particularly like the lighting and use of colour. Nice one.

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