Chronicles of Fot by megaflow

Chronicles of Fot

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Added: Oct 11, 2002
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This is a book cover I did recently. I really enjoyed rendering the pyramid.

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megaflow's picture

Thanks again! I appreciate your support, and can't wait to get working on the cover for the second book (And everyone here should buy the first one as soon as they see it on the stands!!) -Patrick

Guest's picture

Hi, this is the author of Fot, and I would just like to say how easy and rewarding it was to work with Patrick. A top bloke.
And I'm totally happy with Fot not being in the centre (Australian spelling). This is a book cover, not a stand-alone picture, the more shown to tell the story, the better.
Excellent artist. Brilliant work. True to story in every detail, especially Fot.
I would recommend Patrick to anyone.
Christian Acfield.

megaflow's picture

Thank you. Even though I designed all the lines of the composition to lead to or frame the main character, I was still aware that the background might be overpowering, so I worked on softening it with glazes before starting the foreground. Glad you noticed!

mangalore's picture

Wonderful work on this picture. I like the way the light works in there on the creatures' skin. And while the foreground is awesome the background just adds to it without disturbing the focus of the composition.

megaflow's picture

Very glad you liked it, Tom! Thanks for the thoughtful comments. I did put a lot of thought into the colors and depth indications in this one...

portalrun's picture

Hey this is great Patrick,I like the way you used your color tones, the darker brown like colors on the characters and ground area really gives distance to the lighter blues and grays used in the structure and sky area, and the character seems unique like a primitave and inteligent combo, the eyes and expression seem very concerned...I guess thats the bait so you pick up the book and see why...great job..

megaflow's picture

Thanks, thanks thanks! Glad I could push your artistic buttons!

ddoved's picture

wow wow wow! amazing! Love the lighting and Lord knows multi-moon landscapes with a pyramid involved, always catch my unswerving attending. Tongue

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Walt - you've really caught what I was trying to do... By the way, I did just get an e-mail from the author, who was VERY happy with the outcome (maybe even more than it deserved) so that was very nice to hear.

baylessiii's picture

This painting has a very eerie mood. I like it a lot. The endless feeling of those rocks makes you feel lost in a maze, and the color feels like something serious is brewing. Your stuff always has such a story to it, Patrick, I hope the author of this book appreciated the work.

megaflow's picture

Oh, Christopher - I don't mind getting honest critiques in the least. No worries at all! I'm just glad you took the time to share your thoughts in a well thought-out way. Just wait until you have an Art Director tear your stuff up... now THAT'S bad. Shock

megaflow's picture

Thanks Anneke - I hope it sells well! (I always feel insecure about my colors so I'm glad you like them..)

christar's picture

I just want to let you know that I never meant that the composition was bad, I merely thought that it could have been better, but not much better, because it's already great.
I see you toiled to create a great circular composition.
The stairs lead you to the main character, the main character leads you to the obelisk, the obelisk to the planets, then back to the other obelisk, then the tree, and finally, the stairs again.
So congratulations on succesfully adapting to the text restraints of a book cover. Smile

abroenink's picture

You are so extremely good in backgrounds! The colours are really wonderful. The writer of the book can be happy, I would buy the book for its cover alone! Smile

megaflow's picture

You are too kind, Leo! Thanks for the encouragement and feedback. I did want to pack a lot of detail into this one (sort of a warm-up for a piece I'm doing now...) and I'm glad you think I pulled it off.

megaflow's picture

Stan, if a Great acrylic painter like you gives my acrylic technique a good word, then I'm doubly happy! Thanks a lot!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Kay. I'm glad you noticed the perspective (one of my least favorite things, but fun when it's DONE). Also, yes I really like to get that feeling that there are things just around the corner, if only the picture didn't end there... Just my way of telling a story that doesn't end, I guess. Very glad you liked it!

swisnie's picture

Patrick, great acrylic. Excellent job on making a flowing composition.

Guest's picture

This is great Patrick. What an interesting fellow you hit a right mix on cute and ugly... I like the colors too...great muted look of some colors that would have difficulting going together..normally. Fabulous perspective thoughout the painting also...I am not so sure that centering him more would have been better. It would have taken away from the lighting and the awesome tree there. My eye wants to fill in more of the scene on the sides...that is a good thing...Yes? of your best...The second figure is rendered really great too...have to mention him...I love his look.

leowinstead's picture

Pat, this painting is packed! I love the colors and the way you've rendered the rocks and pyramid. I think the tonal values are real good and the sky looks great to me. I agree with Chris that the main figure should have been placed in the center of the picture plane, but there is so much stuff to lead the eye around that the overall composition does not suffer.

megaflow's picture

Thanks for the thoughtful review! I think you may have a point about the sky, but I was afraid it would make the planets stand out a bit too much if I made it too dark (that's where the title goes). Also, I had a similar constraint with the character placement, as I wanted to leave room somewhere for the author's name - so I left some space to the left! Not the most elegant solution... but hopefully it will look balanced when the type is placed on it. Well, thanks again for the great critique and praise!

christar's picture

The main character's face is wonderfully bizarre, it makes it stand out as very unique.
If I was in a book store, I would pick this up just to study that face and say, "weird! yet, cool!".
He fits in perfectly with the other-worldly environment that he's in now.
I love how the pyramid fades out towards the base, great job with the lighting there. This is a great piece crammed with excellent details.
In my opinion however, I think that the night sky could have been a little darker, blacker towards the top, I think this would have created a little more contrast between the upper and lower part of the picture; and thereby, lead your eye more quickly to the central character. Also, I personally would have placed the main character more in the center, at the bottom of the pic, to create a stronger composition, but many would say that that is too simple, and that to off-set the character like you did is more dynamic.
Just my opinion.
Anyway, this is a great painting, and it definitely looks pro, it's very hard to find anything wrong with it.
Nice work Mr. McEvoy.

megaflow's picture

Thanks. He's supposed to be kind of ugly, but kind of cute, too. Glad you like him!

twstdrealty8's picture

what an unsual face with the large eyes. Works well, though. Smile Looks like an interesting book. Smile Nice mist and attention to detail.

Art at its best.