EverQuest - back panel by megaflow

EverQuest  - back panel

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 16, 2003
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Why are the bad guys always the most fun? Here they are in all their evil glory - a giant Orc and a bunch of annoyingly evil Goblins. Eeek!

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megaflow's picture

Thanks, Shannon! I think it's a shame too... I was pretty happy with the orc, especially - very mean looking. Grr...!

queenakasha's picture

Nice work with the ork...deatil is nice...can see the vains and all. Really beautiful...tis a shame that the project was cancled.

megaflow's picture

Cool! It was fun to make him surrounded by (and wading through) the little Goblins, who make him look extra large! I also put that skull on his chest to show the scale with a regular human.

thrax-1's picture

what i like in these sorts of settings.are 13ft characters,i literally have for some reason a fascination with tall people.i think it stems from ray harryhausens,movie magic.Laughing out loud.much like cyclops or minotaur.im going to start a tall person piece.haha!!

megaflow's picture

The sheer number of individual characters was dauting for sure... I think just starting with the "set" and adding the characters in helped it from being overwhealming.

christar's picture

the enormity of this project is astounding.

megaflow's picture

Thank you! Smile

paata's picture

Very cool work.

megaflow's picture

Well, it was a lot of fun, and a real learning experience in many ways. Thanks!

megaflow's picture

Yeah, that's just what I looked like when I heard the project was cancelled! Wink -- Thanks for commenting; glad you liked it.

Guest's picture

Fabulous work on the blueish ork, so fierce with a strong expression. I am sorry to hear the project got cancelled. :/

portalrun's picture

Fantastic characters patrick, you really pulled something off here,its a shame the project was canceled...

Art at its best.