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EverQuest - box art

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Added: Jan 16, 2003
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Well, this was an interesting project. This was to be the box art for the next in the popular EverQuest series. In terms of important clients, this was pretty big for me - Sony Online. In terms of pressure, pretty big too - as I had to try to live up to the legacy of Keith Parkinson on the previous EverQuest covers (a style and main character he created).

Unfortunately, just as I finished, I learned some sad news. The project was cancelled and never to be released! They will use some of my characters from the painting, but this will be your only chance to see the never-to-be-printed cover in its entirety. (I still got paid so don't feel too bad for me!)

The left 1/3 of the cover was to be the front cover, and the rest would be a fold out. Of course, there had to be room for the Logo and various text areas, too. The characters vary in origin... Firiona, the beautiful elf wizard on the left was created by Keith Parkinson, and appears on all the EverQuest covers. The knight and two dwarves in the middle are in the most powerful battle armor available to them in the game. The large Orc on the right is an amalgam of various Orc costumes and my own ideas. The smaller evil characters are Goblins, which hadn't really been rendered in real drawings before (that I had seen) so these are my interpretations. The Drow coming down the stairs is loosely based on a Parkinson idea. The Archer is in the flavor of the elven archers in the game, though not any one precisely. The musician is my design.

Well, I hope you enjoy this rare chance to see a work that won't see the light of day elsewhere. I should also mention that S.O.E. Art Director Mike Myers was great to work with!

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Thanks a lot! Happy to fill in a bit of history for you. Have fun!

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This art is incredible. I played everquest for 5 years, quit for a few, now I'm returning to it - as a huge everquest fan I can honestly say that I feel very privileged to have stumbled upon this piece of art. It is exciting just to be able to say that I found a never-released box art for EQ - as nerdy as that may sound haha. Incredibly timing that I happen to find this piece without actually looking for it too since I am purchasing the game in a couple days. Keep up the good work.

megaflow's picture

Thanks!! I thought it was a pretty lame move too. Tongue But I'm glad people like you still get to enjoy the art here.

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Man...that is so awesome!I've never played Everquest but I really want to(I'm not sure if it's a pay to play)but that is so lame this will not be used as box art!I would probably buy the game just for this!And to play of course.....But mainly this

megaflow's picture

Thanks a lot for taking the time to say that! It makes my day Laughing out loud

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As an avaid EQ player. I wish to say Thank You. Even thou Sony Online cancelled the project, I am glad to see an artist doing what he/she loves to do. Making people stop and look at the realms around them in a new light. Great Job and Best Wishes that they pull it from the mothballs.

megaflow's picture

My pleasure, Uwe - thanks again for your continuing support!

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Sad ok no print, i know about this bought all rights , i only hope they payd you well - cause again this is one of the most beautiful pictures ever - so i am back to enjoy it here again - man i can learn so much from your work - again thanks for your kindness

megaflow's picture

Well, thank you so much! I am very sad to say that Sony bought all the rights to this art, so I can't do prints of it... Sad I do have one very nice 8" x 10" photograph of it, and I still have the original painting in a closet - other than that, these pictures online are the only place it can be seen. I'm glad you liked it!

j-art's picture

oh my god - i have no words for this masterpiece - i am so sorry that the project was chancelled - otherwise i am happy i found it here - be sure - this is one of the most fantastic fantasy illustrations i have ever seen - and if there is any chance to get a print from you of this work, i would be very happy - so please let me know - wow man there is so much going on here - i hope i achieve this level of quality one day, but i see i am at the right place here, i can learn soooo much from you guys - thanks for posting this masterpiece - this is going for sure to my most favourite pictures - my highest respect to you, congratulations

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Ersad It's great to hear such nice support - I will keep it up for sure!

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Pat this is fantastic. I've played EQ for some time, or at least i used to. Evercrack it shall remain, I never found out how it could get so addictive though.

Anyhow, this piece is killer, I really enjoy your work, you're a very good artist. You'd have to be, EQ is a top notch game, therefore requiring top notch artists, like you! Smile
Keep it up!

megaflow's picture

Sad me too! Glad you agree it'll look good in the portfolio! Thanks for the great comments.

twopynts's picture

Sorry to hear it will never see production, but hey, like you said, you got paid, and it is an awsome portfolio piece.

megaflow's picture

Good to see you back here, JP! Your new web site is looking great (http://www.targeteart.com - everybody take a look!). Thanks much for the kind words, and lets hope this piece gets the clients rolling in!

vengince's picture

Patrick, this is an amazing piece so much to see. Its a wonderful addition to your portfolio and hopefully will bring in more clients if it hast already. Congrats!


megaflow's picture

Well, luckier if they had actually released the product and not cancelled it.... but fun anyway. So not lucky, but probably still an S.O.B., though.

oo2311's picture

everquest...you lucky s.o.b.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Ric. Those are great things to say indeed (and the elements I was most worried about when I started the piece, really!). Thanks for stopping by my gallery.

rquiroz's picture

This is an amazing piece. The composition blows me away and the colors are amazing. It really is a well chosen palet. Great work!!

megaflow's picture

Thank you, thank you! I love action and detail! Although I'd have a hard time getting the dreamlike quality you bring to the worlds YOU paint, Christy! Wink

babs111's picture

You've really created a fantastic world with this painting; so much action and detail...wonderful attention to detail in the cave (very intrigueing tunnels and stairs in the background), not to mention all the characters.

megaflow's picture

I am holding on to it for now, until I'm absolutely sure that Sony no longer wants it. Keep in touch!

Guest's picture

How much to buy it?

megaflow's picture

I live to blow minds! You should see the original, currently still in my studio... Much more impressive when 4 ft. wide!

thrax-1's picture

ooohh what!!!.god that "editors pick"was only part of it Shock.farout.this is bloody mind blowing.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Denny. This was a long and torturous story... Actually it wasn't for E2, but for another upgrade which ended up being shelved. First it was going to be in stores, then online only, then they replaced it with another upgrade that's online only and uses different characters and locale. Sigh... But definitely not for E2. Far as I know, that's a totally different project.

isenho's picture

hello patrick! wow, i really do love this piece, the enviroment and the feeling i get when i view this is great. interesting background and you painted the ground really well. the characters are very "alive" and with motion. great work! quick question, was this intended for Everquest 2? because i know thats coming out. thank you!

megaflow's picture

Thanks to you for writing, Walt! -- I don't feel too bad, since the product isn't coming out -at all-... I would have been really sad if they said they just weren't using this pic and going with another... that would have been -really- awful! But, they may use some pieces here and there in their marketing, so parts will see the light of day, I hope.

baylessiii's picture

This is a huge and wonderful accomplishment, Patrick! And what a huge mistake it was for the company not to use this work on their cover. Your art has a unique and hand-crafted flavor that speaks quality and commitment; that would have been a refreshing image on the shelf, but it is a great treat here. Thanks for sharing!

Art at its best.