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Added: Feb 09, 2003
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Here's one a did a few years back when I was having a serious Mucha "thing". It was almost printed, but the magazine that bought it went out of business right before they used it... Story of my life it seems! This was made with rapidograph technical pens, mostly.

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Simple: she will continue to eat brains until you TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK!

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Wow, thanks! I always like to try for some sort of twist, especially when I'm working in a specific genre like this. Glad you liked it so much!

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Wha! I dunno whether to be disgusted or... incredibly inspired! I think Ill take the inspired and run... far far away!! Heh... but really... this is just too awesome... a refreshing twist to the over done soft mucha-esque style... this puts a bit of an edge on it... and I like it=) Again, great work.

megaflow's picture

I don't know if Mucha would have approved... Probably not! But it's fun so who cares? ;D Thanks a lot for the comment!

miriam3001's picture

Woa what have you done to Mucha? I love it! Gives me chills!

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Thanks, Erika! The color work can be so much fun sometimes that we forget the "workhorse" black & white, I think. Glad you stopped by.

erikathorpe's picture

This is beautiful! I love Art Nouveau...and come to think of it I don't have enough black and white in my gallery either. Excellent composition!

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Thanks, Christine! Feel free to color it if you like... Maybe you'll come up with something better than I did... Wink

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Went outta business?! Aw, man...I so love this. Gruesome and elegant, all at once. Just like me...*cough*...but it does make we wanna get out my markers and doodle all over it! Nice piece...

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Thanks, Ihsan. Glad you liked it. This one... I've tried to color it, started about three different times. I'm just never able to get a look for it that I like. Part of the reason I took so long to put it up on Epilogue was that I kept thinking I'd have it colored some day... But it just wants to stay black and white, I guess. Well, thanks for the encouragement!

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Nice sort of Mucha-style piece, precise and clean, and I like the differing but purposeful weights of your lines. I would really like to see you colour this in Mucha-style too Smile Keep up the great work!

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Laughing out loud Good one... Thanks for stopping by!

oo2311's picture your brains out.

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Thanks! I've been working on more black and white work for my portfolio lately. If I do another I like I'll be sure to post it.

paulad's picture

i love black&white things...and this is lovely...
what can i say...

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I'm happy you would say so, Bill - Thanks! -- And, I realize that although I've looked quite a bit through YOUR gallery, I haven't made any comments yet - you do have some great, often humorously macabre, stuff! Glad you stopped by.

bcorbett67's picture

I was so taken by the beauty of the figure I didn't realise she had a brain in her hand! LOL! Cool Picture Patrick, I really admire the mixture of traditional & digital techniques in your gallery Smile

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Glad you liked it Ursula... When you wrote that, I was reminded of the "Simpsons" episode where all the townsfolk turned into zombies and were hunting Brains... There was an exchange that went something like this --> Bart: "You killed the zombie Flanders!" Homer: "Flanders was a zombie?"

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Thank you very much! I find the play between the different thicknesses of line to be one of the most interesting parts of the Nouveau style.

jackal's picture

Hey, you can never go wrong with Mucha! Mmmm...braaaaains....

mermalior's picture

Salut! Great Mucha adaptation. I like your play with the line bolds. !Smile!

megaflow's picture

Oh, no! Another pun I missed - "beauty and brains" - LOL! Thanks for writing, Tom.

portalrun's picture

Ahhhh! a woman who has it all ,beauty and brains ,my kind a gal! super clean work Patrick ,great lines, very clear...

megaflow's picture

Happy you liked it, Mary! When I did this, as I'd mentioned, I was really getting into Mucha, and my thoughts were really about how utterly UN-disturbing all of his subjects were. The contrast of subject and style seemed interesting, so here we are! Thanks for stopping by.

rhiamon's picture

Beautiful, and disturbing...I get the same sort of feeling, looking at this, as I did after watching "Event Horizon" - I found it very thought-provoking, but utterly creepy! This lady evokes the same sort of emotional reaction. As for the rendering - this is wonderfully drawn (I quite like the art nouveau style), and I love that corseted look - I've noticed most of the chicks in my gallery wound up corseted (well, except for the half-nekkid mermaid)! Wink

megaflow's picture

I'm glad you like her! Your question is an easy one... I was attempting to do the style of woman in vogue in the 1890's, and so did a nice voluptuous figure - wearing a corset! I may have overdone it, but that was the intention!

iris's picture

She's beautiful. The linework is excellent. Her hair as beautiful as Mucha drew it.... man I envy you! an evil kind of woman.... my favorite. Only a small question: why is her waist so thin.... she looks like a heavy woman from the waist up but not judging by her waistline....???

megaflow's picture

Groan... I hate it when I get beaten to a bad pun! Well played. Thanks for the comments - I'm still fond of this one, though I enjoy thinking that my rendering has gotten better since... Wink

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Woa! Patrick, a brain eating beauty mixed with a taste of Mucha(chuckle!) bad pun I know! but hey! lovely black and white, nice details and design, great as always!

Art at its best.