Grove of Death! by megaflow

Grove of Death!

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Added: Apr 07, 2003
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I'm practicing different techniques lately... This one is several Pencils with a bit of white paint. And Kay Allen wanted to see me do a Drow, so... here we are!

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Always glad to hear from every personality in someone's mind...

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no no it's good. i like it

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i think it sucks

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Hi, Sabrina! I have to say there was absolutely NO literary or historical significance to this title. In fact, I didn't know that the phrase existed elsewhere until now! Smile I simply did the picture based on an idea I had, then when it was done I needed to think of a title. -- I thought "Grove of Death" had a nice contradictory sound to it, since a "grove" is usually a very "alive" place. Often I find titles with an enigma like that are the most interesting. Sorry I couldn't be more help!

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Hi Patrick, my name is Sabrina and I'm an Italian girl! I don't know if you can help me and I'm sorry because my message is not a comment about your terrific drawings... Next week I'm taking an university exam of English Literature and my teacher mentioned the "grove of death" as an important concept in Conrad's "Heart of Darkness " and Olive Schreiner's "Trooper Peter Halket of Mashonaland" without explaining it. I saw it is just the title of one of your drawings, so I was wondering if you could explain me what the sourse of the title is and what it is about.
Thank you for helping me!
Bye, ciao!

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Thanks! I've noticed your work is very accomplished in the area of lighting, so that's nice to hear from you. Smile

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Very well done, great form and balance, the light and shadow on the charater is perpect. Regards Ken

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Very much appreciated, Chris! I wish I had time to do more straight pencil pieces like this, and I'll try to do more in the future if I can.

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I can't believe I didn't see this before. It's incredible. Dynamic pose, and crisp lines. Shows that you do indeed know what your doing Wink

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Well, that's the first time anyone has implied that my mind DOES work... Laughing out loud
-- Thanks oodles for the nice comments!

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The idea is absolutely wonderful Laughing out loud Watch my jaw drop to floor level!Seriously, though, I love how your mind works. Beautiful image Smile

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Thank you, Tom. I was also happy with the balance of muscles and femininity... a difficult compromise, I found. -- BTW, you're right; I think adding more pencil work to my portfolio will turn out to be a good thing, as I'm finding it gets more job leads... Smile

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Great pencil work Patrick, I like how you handled the anatomy, muscular but not over done for a female , she's very graceful in a dynamic way, I think pencil work was a good addition to your gallery, now everyone can see you do it all...

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Thanks, Christine. I dig your cool stuff too! I think you're right about the Drow and black & white, now that I think about it...

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I so enjoy black and white work! So fitting for drow...very kinetic! Rock on...

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Very nice of you to say, Terry! I can always use some encouragement!

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I got to hand it to Patrick...this is a great piece, lovely pencil work!

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Thanks, Marley! It looks like I'll be doing a lot of pencil work in the near future, so this was a fun warm-up.

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Thats fantastic patrick.amazing details for the tree.she has amazing shading.good 1 Smile

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You're very nice to say so, Paata - thanks!

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Amazing work!!!

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Thanks for writing. It's interesting you mention that area - a game company asked to buy this pic with some (fairly major) costume changes. While I was at it I nudged that whole area around a bit to delete some delt space on that side and add a bit on the other. Good eye!

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Great action shot, Patrick Smile Pencils are great here, very clean and crisp - a fantastic composition. Only not sure about the deltoid muscle on the right side (her left) - I would imagine it would be more 'up and over' judging by the rotation of the rest of the arm through to the hand, so you'd see less of the delt and more of the bicep/pectoral tie-in. Pity you cropped it on the right (would've liked to have seen the rest)! Nonetheless, great pencil work!

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Hey, Miriam, you did all the work - I just got to approve it! -- Thanks for looking around at my stuff, glad to meet you.

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Hey I just had to check out the guy who finally approved my drawing. I've reworked the dang thing a million times! I could kiss your feet for that!
I'm glad I've found your gallery! Wonderful work........I'm off to look at the rest and try to control myself.
Thanks again,

megaflow's picture

My thoughts are so powerful that they have reached into your very BRAIN! Bwa-ha-haaa! - - (And thanks for stopping by!)

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You know,far be it from me to think the last of my functional brain cells could possibly have an original idea-I swear I've had an image in my head for a month about viney things grabbing a woman;but thankyou for correcting my thought pattern-nice work Patrick.This thought,Mr Phelps will self desruct in three seconds:)Laughing out loud:O----

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Thanks again for the kind words and encouragement! You're swell!

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Laughing out loud That's OK!!! I love hearing from you in triplicate! (I got rid of the extras - too much of a good thing!).

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OMG..Patrick I am sorry that posted so many times...Can you tell the comment thing was messing up. Hehe...I came back to try it again and found 3 of them...Well gosh I love

Art at its best.