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Artwork Stats
Added: May 29, 2003
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Beware the dreaded Vines of Inconvenience! It's the time of year when a young man's fancy turns to Shadowfist cards, and here's the first of several.

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Thanks, guest!

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You can thank old Leonardo for that one. Well done!

megaflow's picture

How fun - I've never had a hand garner such lavish praise (I don't think I do particularly good hands, usually). That one was fun - very dramatic and "comic book" (in the best way). Thanks!

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Oh the pose and the temple...great work. For some reason the hand is grabing me..that closer hand is outstanding. LOL..the whole picture is outstanding..just thought I would give praise to that hand though since it got me...Smile

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Wow, thanks a lot! I did a lot of work on the background (vs. money paid for the work! ) so it's good to have it noticed.. Wink

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I like this pic. The figure's movement, his facial expression, and the enviroment. Especially the background. That temple is really rock:) Hehe. cool work in altogether.

megaflow's picture

!! What an amazing compliment! Thanks, Marley.

thrax-1's picture

lovely!!!!.close to perfection patrick,thats all i got to say sorry!!

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Thanks, Guest!

Guest's picture

wow that background looks mindchearingup and in all this whole place is mindchearing I loved that miniature picture xoxox

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I have to admit, I was a little worried about all the foliage, but I figured out a reasonably quick way to render it! Really glad you liked it!

bcorbett67's picture

I saw this in the forum thread and was wondering what you were going to do with it. Must say you've done a bloody good job Smile Very dynamic, reminds me of the early frazetta Tarzan pics - love that temple in the background!

megaflow's picture

Woo-hoo! Glad you noticed the details... makes my aching eyes feel better Wink -- they asked for something like real Kudzu vines, so I used some pics I found on the 'net as reference. That's pesky, evil stuff!

megaflow's picture

That feeling of distance is always tough to pull off properly - not too much or too little. Thanks for noticing!

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Very cool, Leo - thanks. I always worry about my color choices, so I'm glad you liked them!

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Appreciate the comments, Denny! The expression was from my first quick sketch that came out just right the first time, so I scanned it in and traced it for the final.

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Cool, I used to love Shadowrun. This image reminds me a bit of Magic's Kudzu card, though they look nothing alike. That is a cool temple, thanks for taking the extra time on it. I see the details! ;^)

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I like the depth you have here Patrick,there really appears to be some distance between the figure and the temple-very cool!

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This is awesome. The way the background foliage and the foreground mesh together is superb. All the detail is well placed and nothing detracts from the action going on. The color combination is very pleasant as well. Way to go Patrick!

isenho's picture

what is very amazing is the background, the structure looks enchanting and ancient and appears quite far away, good job in getting the atmosphere correct.
The expression on the poor victim is good!

megaflow's picture

Hey, thanks Mark! Hope to see some new work from you soon, too Wink -- That temple is one of those things... even though I was on a tight deadline, I just HAD to spend an extra hour putting in all the detail that no one will notice... it's an obsession...

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Vines of Inconvenience? LOL! Nice work Patrick, I particularly like the temple.

Art at its best.