Attack of the Frost Giant by megaflow

Attack of the Frost Giant

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 04, 2003
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This is a promo card for A Game of Thrones CCG. They are on a tight deadline so I did this in one long evening.

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megaflow's picture

Thanks for the comment! I'm pretty sure the foot is right - at least at that extreme sort of bend from that angle it does tend to look that way. Of course, that's the chance you take when you do characters in that sort of "comics" pose; it really sells the action but may look overly bent in places.

mangalore's picture

Very cool picture, not wanting to see this guy on my mountain trip. However, what the heck happened to his left foot? not sure but it looks broken the way it is (knee bend backwards, foot straight downward)

Anyway, cool charakter!

megaflow's picture

Thanks - that was definitely color theory in action. Using warm compliments to make the snow seem "colder". I'm glad you liked it!

goldseven's picture

The colour combination is so striking in this one. I love the blue of the snow in combination with the slightly golden hues of the rocks. great!

megaflow's picture

He's mean all right... Hey it's interesting that I knew EXACTLY what I was doing with the background ahead of time (color schemes I wanted to try etc.) but not at all the character himself. Then, as I was starting to color him in, I left a bit of his beard uncolored by accident. "Hmm, that looks like spit". Wham - that was the moment I knew how to paint him, with the drool and all. Sorry, long story, sorry. Anyway, thanks for the comment!

yrindale's picture

This is stunning, I enjoy the efforts that went in to make him dangerous and not really a guy you'd wanna meet selling candy..or something like that. I'm drawn to the background especially as it focuses on the depth well.

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Lipták! It's called "The Game of Thrones" from Fantasy Flight. This will apparently be a limited edition card.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Kurt - I do feel like I'm starting to "click" (but the more I work the more my eyes hurt - I'd better slow down!). A friend I showed this to thought I should knock back the hills in general (I do have some clouds in front on the left and right sides) but I didn't, just because I really wanted them to sort of "hit" you, like a big mountain does when you stand in front of it. Not sure if I made the best choice, but that was why anyway...

mermalior's picture

Cool pic! What CCG?

jake's picture

Patrick, Very nice. One evening, ouch boy thats booking or "clicking". Your composition is very dynamic, colors blend well. To give it even more depth, you might think about bringing some clouds in front of the background mountain. Just a thought, looks awesome as it is.

megaflow's picture

It's always great to hear from you Stan - thanks! If you like the perspective, I wish you could see the original sketch - very comic-book, and the extreme perspective really helped the dynamic nature of the character. I tried to bring that into the final as much as I could.

megaflow's picture

Thanks all around, Christine. One late evening... I started around 8:30 and wrapped up after 1:00... I'll never get rich at this rate!

megaflow's picture

Glad you think so, Jim! I'm working a lot more with Painter these days, switching back and forth between it and PhotoShop. Almost using Painter like a loose underpainting, and doing details and glazing in PhotoShop... it's working out well for speed.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, James! That is just the reason I put the small skulls in, to emphisize his big size... Also glad you like the wild look I gave him - that was fun!

megaflow's picture

Glad you like it, Bill! I have a lot of assignments juggling right now, and I think the constant panic is helping in some ways...

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Rafal! I've never done snow/rocks before in a color piece, but I've always liked the blue-shadows effect, so I was happy to get a chance to try it.

megaflow's picture

That much drool is never a good sign, is it? Wink Thanks for the comment!

swisnie's picture

Patrick, great work! The snow background is excellent. I like the dynamic perspective in the legs and arms.

chrissyk's picture

One evening! I love the little skulls, or at least they seem little on him, and the mountains are awesome.

brushfyre's picture

Great work Patrick! your getting that painted look to your digitals!

somerset's picture

Brilliant, Patrick! norse mythology is a favourite of mine, and you have caught the flavour of these wild haired titans perfectly, a very dramatic image, nice touch with the skulls, sure puts his size into perspective! great snowscape, and your colouring is just sooo good!

bcorbett67's picture

Great work Patrick, you're really on a roll at the moment. Good work on his left hand, and nice touches with the dangling skulls too. I like the astride pose as well Smile

mcf's picture

he doesnt look very friendly Wink
I really like how you rendered the snow covered rocks.

sevencrows's picture

hehe that thing has rabies ..funny looking and cool at the same time. good picture

Art at its best.