The Final Blow by megaflow

The Final Blow

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 13, 2003
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That's a half-Orc, fighting a D&D Troll (NOT an Ogre, as was mistakenly reported earlier!). I was going for a feeling of intense action!

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megaflow's picture

Thank you - I was happy with this one too. It would be nice to go back and do paintings of some of my computer pieces, but I never have time... Sad

megaflow's picture

Oops, yes, I meant "Troll" (it's from the WoC monster manual, even!). So, what did you think of the picture otherwise??

Guest's picture

Uh... i believe that thats a troll not an ogre.

megaflow's picture

Very cool of you to say so, Marley. I love seeing action scenes myself, so it's fun when I get to do them (and get paid for it!). Thanks for the note - and keep up the great work yourself!

thrax-1's picture

thanks for the sneak preview of your pieces Smile,Just a quick note to tell you that your trademark for me is the dynamic action scenes that you give your art.I can envision with this piece the dual swords assasin bloke,killing the creature in one swift strike.Its quite striking Tongue..

megaflow's picture

Wow, James - I can't think of anything else nice you could have said... Smile that about covers it all! Thanks loads for the kind words and support.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Chris. I am starting to like it a lot, but there is always the temptation to put in too much detail, in which case it starts to lose its "special" quality. It's getting more natural as I go, though.

somerset's picture

Brilliant dynamic imagery, Patrick! your light and shade work are quite inspiring, great movement and vitality, nicely thought out and achieved composition!

yrindale's picture

Oh hey, dynamics...I'm sure Kenzer ate this one right up eh? Good work as always patrick. I imagine you're beginning to like this style?

megaflow's picture

Thank you very much Martina!

pixiefee's picture

HI Patrick
Wow I become bright Eyes when I look on your pictures ,very good artwork !!
best wishes

megaflow's picture

Thanks for the comments! I'm sure I'll get the hang of the best way to impelment this style as I go. Glad you like it, though!

jmrart's picture

Great action shot! You really got that split-second thing going on here. The only way I think this suffers (just a little) is in the trasitions you have from shaded to lit areas. They're a little too abrupt and take away from the form of the figures. But thats just nit-picking. This really is a very cool piece.

megaflow's picture

You honor me with your high praise, Stan! I'm just trying as best I can to keep up with the other great artists at Epilogue, and for me that means experimenting and growing as much as I can. Thanks for all the support!

megaflow's picture

Much appreciated, Christine... I've been working on making my figures "move" naturally since I've been drawing, so I'm glad when it's noticed! -- The lighting on this one (as with others in this series) is more a function of storytelling and composition that "real" lighting... kind of like you'd find on a movie set with several spots of differing intensity pointing in from different angles for maximum effect. (Or so I hope!)

megaflow's picture

I have waited my entire life for someone to say "this rocks, dude"... I can quit now! (Thanks!)

megaflow's picture

Not perfect yet, Cris!! But I'm working on it... Smile Thanks!

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Lauren! This pic started out as a VERY contrasty thumbnail - Just used a big, dull pencil and blocked in the dark shapes for maximum impact. Glad you think it worked!

megaflow's picture

Thanks Bill - I'm still working on the new stuff, so stay tuned for more! (You can also look at my thread "Input?" over in the WIP forum for a couple of others in this series).

megaflow's picture

Thanks for taking the time to write, Sean; I'm always happy to hear any thoughts on my work, so don't feel bad if it isn't all positive!

chrissyk's picture

Intense action indeed! The lighting in this one really looks like it would have been hard to accomplish (for me anyway). The movement is excellent and very natural Smile

Guest's picture

Patrick - this rocks, dude!!! Love the new stuff a lot!!! Top notch.

dark-spider's picture

wow, all your artwork is perfect ^_^. The action is very well done in this one, I love it.

swisnie's picture

Patrick, great action scene. I want to congratulate you on branching out with a new style, especially doing real action. It is so easy to play it safe and use posed, photographed figures. Fantasy art needs more artist stretching their talents. Can't wait to see your next work.

Guest's picture

Intense indeed! Nice contrast and composition.

bcorbett67's picture

Great action scene Patrick, and I see you're working on the style you set in your last picture. Personally the outline works for me, it gives the figures a real sharpness. Very very cool Smile

pageaxe's picture

Now that is some action!Very cool figures Patrick.The one in midair is really intense and both convey that sense of movement(nice gore splatter:)lots of little details throughout and the lighting is well done.I just dont know about the outlines,in some places I think it makes the figure look flatlike it was pasted to the background.Regardless of my opinion Patrick its very cool work!

Art at its best.