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Added: Aug 18, 2003
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Another piece for A Game of Thrones CCG. Simple one-character pieces can be fun if you get into the spirit of the surroundings. This piece shows some of my Bama influence - the way he could make Doc Savage sort of just stand there, yet look like he might be ready to spring into action. I tried for that with this figure.

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megaflow's picture

Thanks, Charlotte! I was happy with the fire and smoke in this one, and I'm glad it seemed real to you. Smile

challe's picture

The soldier and the surrounding is absolutly fantastic. I can hear and smell the fire than I look att the painting. You have cought the atmousphere perfect.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Albert! I had a good time with this one. The cast shadow is a good example of why reference photos can be very helpful... in my original sketch for this, I didn't have such an interesting shadow there, but when I set up the lighting and photographed a friend standing like this, WOW - there it was. So once again, reference is our friend. =)

Guest's picture

Awesome! I'm really digging the burning shrubbery in the background and the light casted on the soldier. And he's got a great expression on his face.

megaflow's picture

That's absolutely the most I could ask for, Tom. Thanks!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Manon. The armor (or at least the flaming heart) is from the book "A Game of Thrones" which this picture illustrates. I'm glad you like it!

portalrun's picture

Nice one Patrick , like how you handled the lighting , it seems to really put the character up front, and looks traditionaly done , rather than digital...

Guest's picture

Again another beautiful picture! The background is very nice, but the armor, with the 'heart', is interesting armor!Manon:-)

megaflow's picture

I'm glad you liked it, Christine. "Anticipation" is just the right word... He looks solid, but if you trace the stance you can see that he's severely off-balance, which I hoped would help that sense. (I took a photo of a friend for this which helped a lot, both for that and for the lighting!).

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Sean. Glad you see the Bama thing! The colors were especially important as I find it really difficult to balance a picture with just two elements (the fire and the soldier). Finding just the right colors and brightness helped in that area, I think.

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Ken! I hadn't done a bonfire like this before, so I used the friendly Internet to look up some reference pictures, and found that distinctive glow was really nifty... it sort of seems to "push out" from within the stack of wood. Now that I've figured it out I hope I can have a chance to do another someday... Smile

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You're too kind, Harmony - thanks!

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Hi, Chris. Yes, I'm cranking them out these days (about three - four a week) which means little sleep and lots of Pepsi One for vital caffine! Thanks for the props.

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I really like doing that sort of thing, too, Jessica... I may be over-doing it right now, in fact, because it's a cool new trick... Smile Thanks a lot for commenting!

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I'm having a great time experimenting, Marley. Thanks for the great response!

chrissyk's picture

I think you have accomplished your goal, although there is no great movement you can see feel his anticipation. I love the brush fire, it's very realistic.

pageaxe's picture

Hey Patrick!You really got a nice oily painty feel here.Great job on keeping the colors in the same value range,nothings fighting for position if you know what I mean.And your right!It does have that Bama thing going,Doc never really was doing much of anything but looked like he might ant second-Nice!

kenmeyerjr's picture

Hey, love that background...great fire and sky (and the way the fire glows over much of the tinder)....nice!

Guest's picture

This is fantastic Patrick! Everything about it -works-, the colors, the technique, an

yrindale's picture

Aha, I figured you'd have something new had been a few days Wink. It's nice to see some color work from you. I definately see the Doc Savage feel to this, especially the's almost like pulp art to me. I'm afraid his arms look a smidgen off to me, but that could just be me. All in all, I love it.

Guest's picture

I love the smudgy painterliness of this piece, especially the fire and sky. Lovely palette too!

thrax-1's picture

WOW!! your new technique with colour?.Thats awesome,the detail and the tonal value of the piece is fantastic.Great stuff patrick Smile

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