Mistress of Shadows by megaflow

Mistress of Shadows

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Added: Aug 19, 2003
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More from A Game of Thrones. I did a little tutorial on the technique for the hair in the forums a while back, and I've turned it into an article for Epitome Ezine: http://www.gatheringofartists.com/epitome/content/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=77&Itemid=51

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megaflow's picture

Sorry - I haven't checked my Epiloge account for a long time and just saw your note from several months ago!

Guest's picture

I saved the first 9 steps and viewed the final. I'd like to post them merged into one image, sort of stacked and fanned out like a spread of cards with a link to this along with a banner beneath for Epilogue and a link to this finished page.

I wont do that without your consent first though.

I'm pretty sure all my info with my email address and link to my blog are on here, because I just joined this site a few minutes ago. If not I'll peek back in in a few days and check for any reply to this.

Thanx for the nice share,,,

megaflow's picture

You're welcome! I do enjoy passing along things I've learned, because I learn so much from others myself. I'm glad you enjoyed my article!

Guest's picture

patrick, you are so gracious to contribute the excellent article regarding rendering hair on the computer. your willingness to share your knowledge enriches us all! thank you, mermaidartist

megaflow's picture

Hi Ted - thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it! Have you got Painter IX yet - there's a killer Seegmiller tutorial included with it.

aspen's picture

I too have to thank you for the tutorial, it was very helpful. I use painter quite a bit, so it nice to have a tutorial that somewhat focused on that program.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Jade - I'm really happy to be here on Epilogue were we can all share our arwork with each other! Smile

goblinfiesta's picture

This is gorgeous!! I love the play of light and shadow on her face--well, actually--on everything else! Your artwork is superb--and very awe inspiring. Thanks very much for sharing your exceptional talent!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Uwe. I'm always happy to share my little tricks and whatnot. This hair method isn't spectacular, but I think it's helpful as a quick option. Smile

j-art's picture

hi patrick, just came from the tutorial to this piece - it´s wonderful as always, thank you so much for the tutorial - very helpful Smile - thanks!!!!

megaflow's picture

Glad you liked it, Lauren! I took a photo reference to get the shadows more-or-less right, which helped me get the feel for it. As to which character... I'm not sure; she's an asshai, probably a spy (might be a generic character created for the game?)

tirakah's picture

Just read the epitome article - I enjoyed seeing the picture progress and will definitely have to try out your technique. The cast shadow, too, looks great. I haven't read the books in awhile...which game of thrones character is she?

megaflow's picture

Hey, thanks Rob. I like doing those articles, and it's really great to hear when people like them. Smile This was a picture I happened to have kept lots of working layers for, so it was a natural for a tutorial.

kruimel's picture

Very usefull tutorial, plus it was a blast to see your working methods. Also really like the way you handled the shades of red on the dress. Excellent.

megaflow's picture

Hey, Bill - glad you liked it. I love drawing bricks/stone work for some reason... it's very relaxing.

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Manon!

bcorbett67's picture

I checked out your tutorial in the WIP Patrick - very good. Great pic, I think you might have a bit of a trademark with the brickwork Wink

Guest's picture

Very nice! The wall, the dress, the hair, beautiful picture!Manon:-)

megaflow's picture

That's quite a compliment, Sean... Thanks! And I'm glad you're having fun - that's all I'm after (I'm just an entertainer at heart).

megaflow's picture

Thanks, James! Isn't it funny how some thumbnails really look good, and others just look like little blobs? I wish there were some way to predict how your picture will look when shrunk like that... Smile -- the more I do art, the more I like rendering hair, isn't that odd? Didn't like it at all when I first started...

megaflow's picture

Glad to do it, Chris! I think it's great to read artists sharing their techniques, so I thought I'd give it a try, too. Happy you like the picture, too - thanks!

megaflow's picture

You have a great eye, Stan... As the title for this piece was about shadows, I wanted to make the shadows very interesting if possible. Thanks for catching the subtleties... and thanks for the nice comments!

megaflow's picture

I'm glad to hear the tutorial was useful, Marley! -- yes, never forget all the wonderful layer-blending possibilities... The wall was done on a layer with "hard light" blending, for instance.

pageaxe's picture

Your lighting technique is quite nice Patrick,I don't even have to look at the name anymore,I can tell by the thumbs!Really fun to look at!

somerset's picture

Soon as I saw the thumbnail I knew this was great! the atmosphere you've created here with those shadows is quite amazing! love the hair!

yrindale's picture

Oh Patrick that's gorgeous, infact that tutorial helped me a lot as well so it's double successful in my book. Visually this pulls your eye all throughout the image in a positive way, something I feel a lot of modern day art has lost in the transition of meeting deadlines and the such. Thank you for sharing.

swisnie's picture

Patrick, another wonderful job. I especially like the way the shadow is incorporated through out the hair, dress and face. Also, excellent job on that long, continuous shadow that flows from the eye socket, nose and lips. As always, looking forward to seeing more.

thrax-1's picture

O cheer!!that tut is very usefull especially the bit on using multiply on layers.Thanks patrick!as for the pick.There really isn't that much to fault by my eye.again lovely lighting and shade.great technique you have Tongue

Art at its best.