Deadly Dancer by megaflow

Deadly Dancer

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 23, 2003
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Just because she looks dainty doesn't mean she isn't dangerous! Looks like it's time to take out the garbage in this town.

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megaflow's picture

Thanks, Linda. Smile I did a lot of thinking about the lighting on this one.

meisarn's picture

Amazing lighting effects.

megaflow's picture

You'd better not pick up those coins unless she gives you permission... nasty sword she has there... Wink Thanks so much for the great comments!

Guest's picture

This is my Favorite. OMG the lighting is....I ran out of
So crisp and clear...why I could pick up those coins. This is beautiful Patrick.

megaflow's picture

Thanks very much, Julia! I didn't actually know what was in the toes - I knew it was something hard, but hadn't really thought about it being wood. Good information!

megaflow's picture

I'm happy you're interested, James! Thanks a lot for dropping by and keeping me encouraged!

julchen's picture

Yessss this shows how dangerous Balley-dancers can actually be Wink
I'm doing this myself as a hobby - though I never tried to kick someone like this ^_^
You probably already know, those shoes have a piece of wood at the top (because of that, they always look like cut off) in order to be able to stand on the toes, and - at least when the shoes are new - that can be quite hard Wink

Oh, and of course the shading is just wonderful - Great Style!

somerset's picture

It's interesting to watch this great style of yours evolve, Patrick! your dramatic lighting effects create a great 3D look, nice movement!

megaflow's picture

Hi, Bill! Thanks for the nice comments! -- Yes I am using real models more these days. I posed a friend for both the guy getting kicked and the guy on the ground for this one, and used lamps to get the right highlights on him... Although of course the picture looks almost NOTHING like the final outcome, it's great to get things like the difficult head-angles, and heightens the believability of the highlights. Also, I keep an eye out for little details like how someone might hold their hand in an odd way, and use that. Of course, whenever you use photo reference you need to carefully pick and choose what to use for your drawing, and never rely on the proportions or perspective the camera give you (too much distortion!). -- Just for fun, here is the picture I used to make the drawing of the dwarf getting kicked:

megaflow's picture

I couldn't ask for more than that, Ihsan. Thanks! I'm getting better, I think, at picking the places to put more or less detail, which heightens the impact of the "more" areas.

megaflow's picture

Thanks Chris! This one is going to be printed as a full-page picture in the book, so I tried giving it more extra story detail. All the others you've seen in this series are 1/2 or 1/4 pages, so I made those simpler scenes. Glad you liked it!

bcorbett67's picture

Each time I look your work just get's more and more dynamic Patrick!! I'm really impressed with the lighting you've been getting in these greyscale images - are you using models and lamps?

Guest's picture

Interesting style you've developed, Patrick - there's a photographic feel to the details, and the stylised light and shadow technique. Great layout too.

yrindale's picture

I'm suddenly happy that my girlfriend isn't into dancing... This is wonderfully done man, I feel it out does some of your other work. This has so much story crammed into it that it is a great stand alone image.

megaflow's picture

Thanks for noticing the storytelling! I put in as many little elements as I could to help give the viewer that something was really going on here. (Also, I tried using Film Noir multiple-frame techniques to offset different parts of the action).

megaflow's picture

Glad you like! Since she was supposed to be a dancer who uses her moves to fight, I tried to find a real dance move that also looked dangerous. I can only imagine that any dancer who masters this move must have some wild skills. Wink

megaflow's picture

Thanks!! And thanks for your nice comment on the tutorial too.

megaflow's picture

Thanks Christine! The splatter is from the same big sheet of splatter I made for "the Final Blow" and "Infiltrator"... I just used little bits and colored some white and some black!

megaflow's picture

More color coming soon! I've done about 8 in the last few weeks, with a few more on the way. I'll end up posting at least another 2 or 3. Thanks for the support. Smile

megaflow's picture

Thanks Guest! Try it now, it seems to be working!

pageaxe's picture

Boy I gotta agree,that kick made my hamstrings tighten up just looking at it:)Great story telling,I get the feeling I know whats going on here,as opposed to this girl mindlessly kicking these poor guys butts:)And-she's doing it in ballet slippers:)nice one Patrick.

pantropy's picture

Ow. Despite being a dancer that kick has to hurt. Love the style you have used in this image, and the sense of motion.

mermalior's picture

Blast! Arh, cool movement!

chrissyk's picture

Awesome! The lighting is excellent and I love all that splatter from the impact of her kick, very cool!

thrax-1's picture

very effective composition lighting,i'm still quite fond of this new technique,although we need more colours Smile

Guest's picture

I have two things to say, fist this is very well made. But on your Infiltrator picture, it never seems to pop on the screen when I try to see it.

Art at its best.