Chiron Triumphant! by megaflow

Chiron Triumphant!

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 20, 2003
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This is a picture for a contest at J. Torres' "Open Your Mouth" forum. The bits and pieces at Chiron's feet are the villians from the first round's "design a villian" entries. -- If you like fun comics about kids and giant robots, check out "Jason and the Argobots" from Oni Press, by Torres and Norton!

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megaflow's picture

Thanks - I really loved doing them! I was taken to task by one or two people for the purple color breaking through, but I kind of like it still...

Guest's picture

love those clouds man! nice work here.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, JP! I'm often inspired by the power in YOUR images, so it's great to have you stop by and say that!

vengince's picture

This is great man..what a powerful well done image.

megaflow's picture

Thanks Malachi! Always good to hear from you. I loved doing the clouds on this, which I thought contrasted nicely with the more techno character.

ct2001's picture

Nicely done. LOVE the clouds. =)

megaflow's picture

Very cool of you to say, Andreas! I had much fun on the sky. I can't take credit for the character, though - it's Mike Norton's design (though I like to think I did him justice here!). Thanks.

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Christine - you're "sweet"! I really like the combination of realistic and flat line-art that I've been doing lately, and this character in particular allowed me to push it a bit farther. Glad you liked it!

urizen's picture

This is awesome Patrick, cool character and that sky STUNNING Smile

chrissyk's picture

It's been a while but I have been looking to see if you've had something new. I love this style because it plays tricks with your eyes, you see things that look almost photorealistic and then your eye captures the parts that aren't. Very interesting and exciting style Smile

megaflow's picture

Much appreciated, Steve! Of course, I was inspired by our man Frazetta on the style, and hoped that it would weave well into the more cartoony figure for a good contrast. Thanks for posting!

megaflow's picture

Thank you for the nice compliment, Diane! Different is the best, especially in the kind of art we do. Thanks again!

sferris's picture

Very nice job Patrick. Love the foreground work you did on this.

diane's picture

Wow! This piece feels so different. I love the cartoon quality and yet, there's a realistic texture feel to it as well. Fantastic work! Bravo!

megaflow's picture

Very cool of you to say, James! I only try to keep up with you and the other great artists around here. Thanks!

somerset's picture

This is beyond comicdom my friend! I'm totally impressed as usual! you're a true Artist!

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Marley! I did the character in a style similar to the comic - at least the inking style (it's a black and white book). I don't generally do inking, so it was good practice! I'm glad you think it blended in successfully.

megaflow's picture

Thanks - I'll need a lot of luck; there are some really good artists in the competition (it's a comics contest, and I've never done comics before, so I may be at a disadvantage). -- I try to keep doing different styles, thanks for noticing! Some I do better than others...!

thrax-1's picture

This is great work patrick,three styles i see, and they blend very well!.Quite an exciting piece in terms of action and rendering imho!!.~Marley

j-art's picture

wow - not your usual style, but i really love it - good to see you have no limits in your styles Smile --- good luck for the contest

Art at its best.