Eastern Mercenary by megaflow

Eastern Mercenary

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Added: Oct 22, 2003
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OK, I was going to quit it with the "Game of Thrones" posts, but I just updated this one... The lighting had been a bit confusing so I fiddled with it some. And there are a couple of reasons I really wanted to post it:
1. My friend Salaam did a great job of modeling (draped in yellow sheets and armed with kitchen knives) and
2. This picture is my homage to Steranko's great "Reavers of Skaith" cover, and so it's got some personal significance.

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megaflow's picture

Awesome, JP! Glad you liked it. And you picked up on the echoed shapes too - good eye. Thanks!

vengince's picture

this is freakin cool! love the repeated shapes of the sand dune shadows in the blades handles, you were already a bad ass now your pushing it Wink

megaflow's picture

Very kind of you to say, Jessica! And you're not seeing things -- I've been playing with blending in scanned spattering textures in my digital work, to give it a more "natural" feel. This piece has several layers, each blended slightly differently to interact in fun ways with the light and dark areas. Thanks for noticing!

Guest's picture

LOVE the stylized linework combined with the watercolor-y shadows. . . I swear I see granulation in there, I have NO idea how you do that digitally! Masterful use of a very limited palette, too! Your paintings are like tutorials!

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Denny. The hand was interesting -- it's basically like the hand from the reference photo I shot, but it didn't really have enough character on the back of it. So used a mirror as I was painting it and used my own hand as a model for those little features like veins and other bulges. So it's an interesting hybrid hand.

isenho's picture

That right hand is remarkable! Love it. The colors of the shadows for sand hills are perfect and the stylized outline technique works!

megaflow's picture

Hey, thanks Lipták! I'm still working hard to get my pictures to look distinctive somehow, and I think the lighting helps - I appreciate the kind comments!

mermalior's picture

Great cloak! Your play with the lights and shadows are awesome. Nice pic, as always Wink

megaflow's picture

Glad you liked him, Tom! I wish I could say I did something clever to design him, but he's just a combination of the costume on my first sketch, and my friend's great expression for the reference. Well, I "meaned him up" a bit!

portalrun's picture

Excellent character Patrick , the expression is great, he seems a real cut throat...

megaflow's picture

No, Mary, he's not mad... I think he's kind of sweet on you, in fact. (Thanks!)

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Jennifer -- I don't know if the effect you mention is so much "intentional", as an outcome of how I design a picture like this... I am doing the background and character at the same time in abstract shapes, to develop a cohesive composition. So it just kind of happens! Smile

megaflow's picture

Thanks Chris! I'm glad you had that feeling with the face - I was trying to make it stand out, and then frame compositionally it with the lines of the knives. Oh, and I love folds and fabrics to - all my favorite artists feature them!

megaflow's picture

D'oh! Back to the drawing board for me! Wink Oh, I'd be going there anyway...

megaflow's picture

Uwe, you are so nice - thanks! When I ever update my site (soon!) I'll have to put up a picture of Salaam in bedsheets. Grr!!

megaflow's picture

Thanks, Jason. I am getting the hang of that trick, I think, and using it more these days.

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Rebecca! I'm glad the lighting came out OK!

rhiamon's picture

eep! I wouldn't want to make him mad...oops - looks like I already did! Wink Great work Patrick!

yrindale's picture

wow patrick, I am completely drawn to the face...I then wander around but keep coming back to how cool that face is. I also adore your use of the folds, since I'm a nut to see how people do fabric artistically...I really don't know why. It's another winner for me.

virage's picture

I don't know if this was intentional, but the folds in his cloak seems to blend in with the shadows and shapes of whichever portion of the background they are against ^_^ It's great!

pageaxe's picture

I like this Patrick but I gotta say-Not approved,Image looks flat-pasted on-;)Hehe! lol Patrick just giving you a hard time!

j-art's picture

hey man, you know you are unbelivable - what a great lightning on this - and lol, i really had to laugh as i read this about the model job - lol - so you made my day with this picture - thanks

illustrus's picture

Very nice, I really like the way you have rendered the shadows by fading out the detail. Thats tricky to pull off correctly. Well done.

goddessart's picture

This is absolutely fabulous! His expression, the folds in the fabric...and yes, the lighting are just beautifully done!

megaflow's picture

Thanks Bill - yeah, he looked a bit too pretty with all his teeth! That messed him up enough to make him look a little extra mean.

megaflow's picture

Wow that's very nice of you to say, Marley! Thanks.

bcorbett67's picture

Very cool Patrick, I love the missing tooth , great pose too.

thrax-1's picture

one of your best pieces i think.Its the lighting which is awesome.reminds me of bombata from conan the destroyer slightly Smile.I like it alot!

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