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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 23, 2004
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This is for an upcoming Game of Thrones promo. It's three cards in one composition. That was a tricky one to put together, as there were specific requirements (one dragon on each shoulder and one to the side) and each of the three sections needed to look good on its own as well as making a good single piece. Quite an exercise in layout! Very fun, though.

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Thank YOU too!

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Your stuff is just brilliant.

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That's a good idea! I'll get working on that soon. Thanks!!

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This is a great piece, and as a fan of the game, I had a lot of fun assembling it with the cards.
You should really sell prints of this! GoT players would eat it up.

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Hey, thanks Leo! High praise indeed. Smile

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Subtle yet brilliant. I like the white dragon most.

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Thanks a lot for your nice comments, Uwe - it's always great to have you stop by, and I'm glad you like my stuff!

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now, patric each of the single cards look great - the composition of all three is just superb - btw. really fantastic dragons you created here -- really always a joy to see your work!!

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Well, thanks so much Bill! Always love when the "little things" get noticed. Smile

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Thank you Marilyn (and for all the other nice comments, too!)

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Glad to make you feel sick, James - anytime! Wink Thanks.

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I knew it! That "Chris" guy was playing me for a chump all along... or... WAS he...? Hmm... --- Well, anyway, thanks for the great comments, Marley, I had a lot of fun detailing the dragons (but quickly, quickly, as I only had a couple of evenings to render it).

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Thanks for the nice comments, Stan. This one certainly did make my brain hurt!

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Excellent image Patrick, the background alone is superb!

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Excellent piece Patrick! I find the little dragons very interesting and each stands well on it's own. Very good job!

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Oh, man that sea is incredible, Patrick! love the view point on this one, kinda cinematic! makes me sea sick just looking at it, marvellous rendering, my friend!

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Actually chris!! it was me,i forgot to loggin -,_* bwahahaha,now i have created confusion,HAHA i'm so evilll *puts pinky upto mouth*.Actually bloody nora this looks great patrick.I really like the ocean and the hint of spray about the place.not to mention the awesome detail for the dragons.Great work!!

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Patrick, great problem solving skill! I can appreciate the difficulty in merging 3 compositions into one. I like the way you used 3 separate arches (formed by the dragons' wings) to structure the separations. Very clever!

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Thanks a lot for saying so, Meredith!

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Thanks Sean! Glad you liked the lighting - it wasn't really "dramatic" but I thought it worked well with each Dragon's color.

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So what you're telling me, Mark, is that you didn't like the ropes... Damn! -- Just kidding! Thanks for the nice note. Smile

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Thanks, Dean! I'm glad you stopped by. Smile

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looks like it turned out great!

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Top quality Patrick, love the dragons and her hair. I like the sea, the composition and the colours too!

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That is such a cool image Patrick,almost cinematic.Great depth with waves meeting the horizon.Looked at the detailed version-wonderful job on her hair,really well done.And of coarse your great lighting just ties everything together-wicked stuff!

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Awesome, man! Greatr detail and comp!

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Heck, Christine, I'm blushing! I've found that mastering complicated compositions is just a matter of quickly sketching as many very different ideas as I can come up with; then looking for the one(Drunk that have the best flow and convergances and trying to accentuate those qualities. Lots of quick, small thumbnails, changing as much as possible in each one, that's the trick.

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Thanks a lot, Marcel! I liked doing the little fellows - in fact, I think I'll miss them now that they're done. They each had their own personality.

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I'm glad you liked it, Mary. I was sort of wondering if I should put up all three details, but the original was so small (width restrictions at Epi!) that I said "what the heck". Thanks!

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Thanks a lot, Christine! I'll take a "wow" any day! Wink

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