Hatchlings by megaflow


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Added: Jan 23, 2004
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This is for an upcoming Game of Thrones promo. It's three cards in one composition. That was a tricky one to put together, as there were specific requirements (one dragon on each shoulder and one to the side) and each of the three sections needed to look good on its own as well as making a good single piece. Quite an exercise in layout! Very fun, though.

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Thanks, Tom - you did catch a lot of my design choices... I started out my sketching with more of the ship, but the dragons were too small to be main characters of cards, so I tightend in to show just a couple of little "shipy" elements. Then the ropes, to add more "ship" feel and placed to complete the composition on those side pictures. And as you say, the eye movement comes from the dragons and the ocean. Good eye, Tom!

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Oh, sure Chris. ANYBODY could claim to be "guest", and I'm just supposed to believe them? What, do you think I just fell off the turnip truck? Well, I'll believe you this once, but I'll be watching you... Oh yes, you'll be watched...

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Thanks! Or should I say "thaaaaaanks!"... I do like the design challenges that come with commercial jobs, which always do seem to push me in different directions than personal projects. I'm glad you liked it!

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Thank you, Rebecca! Laughing out loud

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That's quite a compliment, Ken! Thanks. Smile

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Wow Patrick this is awesome! I don't know how you do it, your compositions are so complicated, I admire your work so much. I love the dragons, incredible detail and life you gave them. I'm in awe Smile

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You really did an amazing job on that project, Patrick. I love your little dragons !

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Oh, Patrick! I love this - it's very dynamic. It was really interesting to view the seperate pieces of this as well; you managed to do a wonderful job of making something that works in pieces or as a whole!

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Big giant WOW, my friend! I'm mightily impressed......

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Really nice one Patrick, lots of movement with the dragons and ocean, great characters, the (well placed) touch of rope and wood railing, really put her on deck without taking up much of the pic...excellent...

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bloody computer...that "daaamn" was from me >_>

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This goes for all of them from this lil series = daaaamn. Good work Patrick, these show you put a lot into your work, that dedication is commendable. Sounds like this one really pushed you, which is good - it's good to not be in a rut. I think you pulled off the assignment quite successfully.

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Beautiful work...everything Ken said!

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Great job, patrick! That, indeed, sounds like it was a tough assignment but, boy, did you pull it off! I love the movement in the hair...and the dragons are really well done...I could definitely learn a lot about that from guys like you.

Art at its best.