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Added: Feb 06, 2004
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I haven't done a "real" painting for a while - over a year! I did this one for a couple I know, as a Christmas present... it's their lovely daughter, looking particularly magical...

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Thanks, Wendy - that's just the look I was hoping for! I'm happy you thought so.

rianna's picture

This is delightful. The fairy girl looks very real and magical. I also love what you've done with the background foliage. This looks real and magical, too.

megaflow's picture

I'm happy to hear from you, Connie! I'm glad everyone liked it (even Anlya, from what I heard). You're so nice to leave a comment - thanks! It was a joy to give something to such a nice family.

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Patrick: As I am Anlya's grandma I just want you to know that not only have you captured Anlya's face you captured her essence, her wry little smile and fairy princess being. Thank you so much.

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Thanks, Uwe. We just gave it to them over the weekend (everyone had been busy since Christmas and we hadn't gotten together since then). They did like it, so that was great!! -- And I think you have the digital painting going very well already, Uwe Smile

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now this is what i call a christmas gift - i bet they all love it - wonderful patrick, really wonderful - good to see a "real painting" from you again Smile -- think i should do one by myself again, but first i have to learn more about this digital thing Smile -- thanks for posting this wonderful piece...

megaflow's picture

Thank you, Stan. I feel like a novice in Acrylics next to you and some other wonderful painters here, though. With luck, I'll find more time to paint in the next year than the last...!

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Glad you liked it, Chris! I wish I could get more work painting, as opposed to quick digital work. I just love the feel of paint, too.

megaflow's picture

No problem, Marilyn!! Like I said, I've done that once or twice myself... Smile I appreciated you nice comments unreservedly!

blueunicorn's picture

Hey PATRICK! Sure sorry about the name change. I was thinking Patrick, but somehow typed Bill. Is my face red!

swisnie's picture

Patrick, beautiful handling of acrylics.
Just the right amount of detail without
being overworked. Excellent job creating that "blue-glow". Hopefully we'll see more of this painterly work.

yrindale's picture

Blasted computer, didn't want me to log in. Anyway, beautiful work Patrick. It's good to see you painting again. There's always a feeling that people get from actual paintings compared to digital know some real time and care went into the image. This is no exception! Smile

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It's nice to see you painting again! Digital work is nice and everything, but sometimes paintings just have that glow about know that some real lovin went into it. This is no exception, good work! Smile

megaflow's picture

... after it was finished. (Darned message bug again, cut me off!)

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Hey, thanks Dean! She's got the most bemused looks on her face generally - very unusual for an 8-year-old Smile

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Wonderfully done man. That's a cute smirk she's got on her face there.

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Thanks Sean! I was just very frustrated as I did it, trying to make the subject look natural and not over-worked, but my wife conviced me that it was OK after it wa

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I dont know why you were walking around the house muttering Patrick-this is quite nice.Great colors by the way!

megaflow's picture

Wow, thanks, James! I wasn't at all happy with it while I was doing this (grousing around the house muttering for a weekend) but I'm glad It came out OK :

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This is what it's all about, Patrick! I love portraits like this, done with a nice fantasy slant, so much more interesting and original! beautiful technique you have there, my man, excellent foliage rendering and the girl is a real corker!

megaflow's picture

Ah, Wenche, that's one of the finest words in the English language. Thanks!

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Thanks, Christine, I'm glad you liked it! This picture really has absolutely no concious "style" to it for me; or in other words, I was simply doing a portrait, I guess. So if there's anything close to a "natural" style for me, or just letting the paint do its thing, this is it, for better or worse. Smile

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Thanks so much, Marilyn. I was starting with a pretty model, and I just tried to capture that somehow. --- And I know you meant "Patrick"! - I've done that before, too - you read the previous comment and write THEIR name... Laughing out loud

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Thank you, Bill - I guess I have this side lurking in there somewhere all the time, but it was nice to let it come out on it's own for a change. Smile

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Thanks very much, Rita!

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Wow this is so different than your usual style. Her hair looks so soft and real, this is beautiful Smile

blueunicorn's picture

This is very sensitive, Bill. An exceptionally beautiful painting.

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I've never seen this side of your art before patrick. What a pretty little girl, and painted beautifully too.

rita's picture

Patrick, it is so beautiful!

Art at its best.