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Added: Feb 20, 2004
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Not a very good job he has to start with, and then it rains. There's life in a nutshell...

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Oops, Sorry I gave our website address.
I meant
Hope to hear from you soon.

Coach Patrick

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Hi Patrick
I love your work! I have an great idea that could help you sell more of your art. Please contact me at

Patrick Ellis

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Oh, that darned message bug!! Thanks for the comment as usual, stan!

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Patrick, great job of rendering a white horse in a snow scene. This is difficult to do without going monochromatic. The muted gr

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Thank you, James! It's funny - I had forgotten all about the drops and things, and did them after the rain effect... Smile Glad I remembered or it would have looked odd!

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Christine, post as many times as you like! Thanks for the groovy comment, too (poor horsey!)

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Gracias, Bill. The subtle colors are fun sometimes... It's interesting to note that the "greens" in this one aren't even green, more of a greyed cyan/aqua. But against the other blue/purple colors they look green. Freaky. Wink

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Well, that's all I can ask for, Isaac! Thanks, and I enjoyed looking at your gallery by the way.

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Thanks Marley, I appreciate your taking time to comment! I'm cranking them out right now, so more to come in the next wk or 2.

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Thanks! I'm not normally a "subtle" artist (well, I don't think so), so getting a subdued mix like this was a fun departure. And I do like backgrounds! -- Oh, and I've been playing more with the PhotoShop 7 brushe engine lately, like on the big tree to the left, where I made a custom brush for the pine needle clumps. That's been fun.

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Hey, thanks Tom! This was a case where I actually planned each layer of depth in advance, and didn't need to go back and tweak any of the preceeding layers' values. Score one for planning!

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Thanks, Chris. I was acually happier with the background than with the character(Drunk on this one. But it's hard to get anyone to pay for landscaps in Fantasy art!

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Poor horse! But he's got a rider to keep his back dry... Smile

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An excellent painting, Patrick! love those trees, and the weather effect makes me shiver! marvellous little details, specially the droplets from his hands and boots, and the spars blades of grass sticking out of the mud! so so good!

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The background is beautiful, you can really feel the rain through the horses face, Awesome Smile Sorry for the double post, I thought I was signed in, ooops

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wow - another great work - i especially love all the detail in it - just wow!!!

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Very nice indeed Patrick, the muted colours really work well Smile

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I can see the hard work here the art, yourself,and somthing else.Im not sure what

I can see the hard work here in your art,yourself,and somthing else.Anywho
I like it!

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excellent!not too much to say but another solid piece of art from you!.love the subtle tones of the bg!

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Like your last picture I'm drawn to the bg again. You put a lot of care into your work, it's something that I really enjoy seeing. Good contrast by the way, not too over powering but enough to snare the attention

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Cool work Patrick. the color seems to bring focus on the character, against the the less colored backround, which looks great pal.....

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I like how the softer, muted background contrasts with the brighter more intense foreground figures. And of course, great job giving all the objects in the pic a lot of personality and detail.

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I feel the horse's pain. Wink

Art at its best.