Unstoppable by megaflow


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Added: Feb 22, 2004
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Someone made a big mistake leaving him for dead... Now they're going to pay.

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Thanks, Taylor! It's actually pretty easy - the trick is to find good pictures of flames and use them for reference. Smile

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your work is stuning! i have yet to see a peice i havent liked. i would love it if you could help me create flames on photoshop!

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I replied there. Looking forward to it.

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Hi, I left you a message to you on deviante art about the pic "unstoppable". I'd like to use it in a "demotivational" poster- but only if its ok with you. Please check out my gallery and let me know when you can please.


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Thanks! I don't think he was dumped out to sea, just washed out into the shallows for a bit... Although he IS pretty tough to have held on to it anyway... Smile

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Really great, Patrick. I like the color of the sky and it's reflection in the water. And your depiction of the warrior is excellent. We can see that he is a man of great strength and I for one am glad of that, for he would have drowned for sure with that humungous axe dragging him down like an anchor! Sorry, it's what struck me immediately when I saw him emerging. Smile Love the painting though!

megaflow's picture

Much appreciate, Nell! It funny about the expression - I originally did the face all in shadow with only the eyes and teeth showing (VERY influenced by comics artist Frank Miller) but the client didn't like that. Too "comic book" style. So I changed it to fill the face in - I like both ver

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Wow, you're way too kind, Isaac! Thanks.

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Hey, thanks Chris! This was one without a model - but I _did_ sit on the floor and make sure that this pose was possible. I often "act out" my characters as I'm sketching, to see if the pose is possible/fits with the acting.

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dude... Smile Thanks - I'm the one who's not worthy of all the praise...!

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Thanks, thanks, thanks... (echo, echo, echo...). Glad you liked it!

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Thank you, Scott!! I was inspired on the face by Frank Miller's characters - the way he uses the snarl/teeth to make really intense expressions. Glad you liked it.

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Wow, Ken, that's exciting praise. I really appreciate comics art (most of my favorite artists either come from, or work in, comics).. I think you may be right about the grain... but this piece is going to be reproduced at about 1.5 inches small, so it probably wouldn't have shown up anyway...!

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Thanks, James - I'm still struggling a bit with that part of it (I'm NEVER happy with my dripping effects!) so that's nice to hear!

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Thanks! The client liked it too, luckily!

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Thank you, Rebecca. I thought this piece was all about the intense emotion, so I put in some intense colors to match!

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Thanks, Narges! It's been a while since we've heard from you here. Smile

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That's great,Composition is very good.
I would be glad you send mail for me.
With best wishes for you.
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Wow! I love it! Great colour work here. The expression is priceless. ;)Awesome work as ever.

downing's picture

A great eye popping,jaw dropping Piece of work!Truly magnificent.

megaflow's picture

Thank you as always, Christine. I always love painting water, so I'm glad you liked it!

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Thanks, Dan! I was very inspired by Bob Ross (of all people!) for the colors of the sky/seashore in this one, so the Oil comment is very appropriate. Thanks!

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I do love them purples! And of course your rock surfaces seem to mock me at every given chance Wink. Beautiful work as always. Just curious, did anybody pose for you on this one? Or was this off of the top of your head

dshadow's picture

Oh yeah. Excellent work. Top notch work you have there. Keep em coming!

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You are now in the twilight zone,everything you hear will be an echoooooooo,it is not your imagination...Laughing out loud So,ditto bro!

sdavis123061's picture

I can only echo what everyone else has said, this is just fantastic. The rage expressed on his face just dominates the whole piece; he truly does look unstoppable.

kenmeyerjr's picture

echo, echo.....

Great piece, man....on so many levels...a nice, different viewpoint/subject rendition...great background (love the water falling off his leg and the rocks in the background)....the reflection on the wet sand is really nice, tho I wonder if it should be a bit more grainy...this kind of drama is normally found in comics, where you should be, it seems.

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Marvellous dramatic tension, Patrick! the sea is excellent, your figure interacts with the water so convincingly! lovely colours as always!

j-art's picture

wow patrick, this is really super, i really love this piece!!!!!!!

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Great emotion - beautiful colors - wonderful piece!

Art at its best.